Badland 12000 lb Winch Review

If your best weekend is associated with the opportunity to explore new terrains, then Badland 12000lb winch will be an indispensable device to pull your Jeep from mud. Thanks to its huge pulling power, you can feel free from worries and not be afraid of getting stuck anywhere. If you haven't got a winch yet, it is high time to start looking for the best one. Let's discuss the benefits that Badland 12000 lb can offer you.

Badland 12000 lb Specifications




6hp series-wound motor (12VDC)


Auto load-holding 8.8" (22.35 cm) x 2.5" (5.35 cm) drum

Duty cycle rating‚Äč

5 %

Geartrain / Ratio

3-Stage Planetary


0.375" (9.53 mm) diameter, 100 feet (30.48 m)

Cable nominal strength

14,400 pounds (6531 kg)


20.9" (53.08 cm) x 6.4" (16.26 cm) x 8.3" (21.08 cm)


86.37 lbs. (39.18 kg) (complete with steel cable)


What Makes Badland 12000 lb Winch a Good Option for Your SUV?

Badland winch has been designed to become a reliable support for off-road lovers. Its enormous pulling power allows to pull out almost any SUV or truck. This winch model has an automatic load-holding brake. Badland winches differ with their high-quality and affordable price. If to compare Badland 12000 lb with other winch models of the same price range, it will be the best winching choice.

There is no need to spend a fortune if you want to purchase a winch you can always count on in a difficult situation. The 12-pound Badland winch is equipped with everything you may need to deal with the possible emergency. The quality of the constituent parts is top-notch as well as the overall appearance of the winch, which will be a pleasant bonus plus to the top quality performance. Let's have a look at the detailed characteristics of the model, which will help you to take the well-informed decision whether it suits your needs or not.

Badland 12000 lb Winch Installation

Badland 12000 lb Winch on Ford

Badland 12000 lb Winch on trailer

Which Benefits Does This Winch Model Have?

As it has already been mentioned, two things will definitely make you happy when seeing this winch: its good quality and not less good price. Moreover, you will be glad to know that you can use a universal remote control with this winch model. Badland 12000 lb is highly water resistant, which is definitely one more advantage.

It works properly and flawlessly even if you use it frequently. If you know how to use winches and follow the instructions attached by the producer, you will have it for years. Badland winch is durable and reliable, regardless of the weather conditions. It seems to be a great deal for the money. It has an extended warranty, which means that you take no risks when getting this product as anytime you need to fix something you have the right to ask for the appropriate service. If you have been looking for the powerful winch, which has a reasonable price-quality ratio, then pay attention to the reviewed Badland winch.