How to Choose the Best Floor Jack: A Full Guide for Drivers 2020

floor jackThe jack is one of the most important components that any driver should have. However, most standard lifts are not suitable for working with an off-roader. Proceeding from this, the range of available options is narrowed and the specificity of the device choice is changing. The hydraulic jack is a device designed to lift cars and trucks. The construction of a floor jack implies the presence of two or more wheels, which the jack can be quickly and easily moved and transported with.

Such equipment is characterized by a low pick-up height, which allows it to be easily supplied under absolutely any car. This type of jacks is great for use on a flat concreted or asphalt surface in a closed type. The floor jacks are used in most cases at maintenance stations and car service centers for repair and maintenance of various types of motor vehicles. If you are a Jeep driver, you should read this best floor jack buyer’s guide and have a look at the best floor jacks for your car.

The Best Floor Jacks: Check Pros and Cons to Choose the Right One for You!

Below you’ll find our pick of the best floor jack, you can click the links to see their cost and read customer reviews on Amazon.

3-Ton Aluminum and Steel Jack by Powerzone

Powerzone 380044 3 Ton jack
Up to 6000 pounds is not a problem for this floor jack. You will enjoy the possibility to lift your car quickly and successfully using this top-notch quality device able to offer great durability. It is very convenient to carry this jack thanks to the presence of wheels. It is produced in China, which can be considered the only drawback of this model for some customers.

1.5-Ton Scissor Jack by Torin

Torin Big Red Steel Scissor Jack 1.5 Ton 3000 lb
This jack can rightly be your favorite thanks to its high-quality steel construction and durability. You can enjoy the light weight of the device, which provides an opportunity to position it without any problems. According to the reviews of the customers who have already used it, the jack is rated 4.3 out of 5. The only disadvantage it has is that you should wash your hands after using it due to the fact that chemicals are contained there.

1.5 Ton Racing Jack with Rapid Pump

1.5 Ton Racing Jack with Rapid Pump
This is the most powerful model ever being designed for sports cars. It is fast and reliable. Thanks to the two-piece handle, it offers a great convenience. It weighs about 40 pounds. As for the disadvantages, this can be the fact that it is not the best choice for the everyday use.

2-Ton Low Profile Steel Jack by Arcan

Arcan XL2T Jack
It can lift up to 24 inches. It can provide you with the ability to enjoy super fast lifting thanks to a well-designed hydraulic system. Weighing 97 pounds, it is still convenient and easy to use. It has no disadvantages, except the fact that it is manufactured in China, which can be considered a drawback by some drivers.

Hi-Lift X-TREME Jack

Hi-Lift X-TREME Jack
This model is of 35 pounds. It is considered the durable device being manufactured in the USA. The only disadvantage is that this model is prone to rusting as some customers admit. Here you can find review on the best hi-lift jacks.

Things You Should Take into Account Choosing the Best Jack

 capacity   height   convenience 
The lift for the car is an indispensable thing but at the same time not accessible to everyone. You should acquire a certain model after thorough preparation, determining the type of device, and also comparing the characteristics with other varieties. When choosing a jack for an SUV, several important details should be considered:

  • It is necessary to find out the mass of the car on the technical passport, and then add to this value 100-250 kg. The best value of load capacity for lifts for SUVs should be at the level of 2-3 tons.
  • Lifting height. In most cases, 30-50 cm of lift is sufficient to repair or service the car. Therefore, do not buy an expensive model with a height of about 1 meter.
  • Pick-up height. The term means the distance between the ground and the bottom of the car. The lower this value, the better, but in most products the picking height ranges from 6 to 25 cm. A suitable value should be determined in each particular case.
  • Convenience of work. The least effort is required when operating pneumatic devices. The second place is occupied by hydraulic varieties, and most of all efforts are necessary when using mechanical products.

choosing floor jack
In addition to the above characteristics, when choosing a floor jack, pay attention to the quality of the assembly of this type of equipment. If it is done inaccurately and poorly, then the declared figures may not correspond at all.

Also check the reliability of its attachment, work, stability in the unfolded and collapsed state, the lack of free running and backlash. Pneumatic and hydraulic jacks must be checked for leaks of gas or liquid. Mechanical devices should be checked for lack of jamming and smoothness of lifting. Do not forget that the main criterion for the product is safety and reliability.

An important indicator is the weight and dimensions of the device. It must freely fit into the trunk of the car and, if possible, take up a little space. Powerful lifting devices are very heavy, with this equipment it is difficult to cope on your own.

What Are the Floor Jack Advantages?

A floor jack can truly be considered the standard of lifting products due to excellent characteristics:

  • Rolling jacks. The maximum lifting weight for different models ranges from 2 to 3 tons. This means that the jack can easily lift and hold the SUV.
  • Dimensions. Floor jacks occupy less space than some types.
  • Efficiency. Rolling products have an efficiency of about 80%, which results in a high value of force transfer and easier operation with the device.
  • Lifting mechanism. Thanks to the design, the movement of the lifting mechanism is smooth, which cannot but rejoice.
  • Height. Almost any sub-model can lift an SUV to a higher altitude than other types.

Are There Any Disadvantages You Should Consider?

However, like other varieties, there devices are not without shortcomings:

  • Service. For normal operation, good handling and maintenance are required, which should be carried out from time to time.
  • Life time. Excellent performance had a negative effect on the duration of the jack – here, it is less than other varieties usually have.
  • Additional expenses. This minus pours out from the previous point – buying a new lift or repairing a faulty include extra costs.

Summarizing, it is worth noting that the best for lifting SUVs are suitable floor hydraulic jacks. They have very worthy characteristics and are excellent at coping with their duties.

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  1. I have bought Hi-Lift X-TREME Jack, I think that up to 35 pounds is the optimal weight. I have already used it once and can say that I haven’t had any difficulties, despite the fact that it was my first time when I was using a floor jack. I can recommend it to everyone who needs a reliable device.

  2. Steel jack by Arcan has become my favorite jack and I can claim that it is not worse than those jacks, which are produced in the US. This model is of the highest-quality. I can recommend it because I have been using it since it has appeared and I am sure it will last for long providing me with the reliable assistance whenever I need it

  3. I have been looking for a jack of the good price-quality ratio and found the best one. As for me, this turned out to be 3-Ton Aluminum and Steel Jack by Powerzone. I like devices made of steel considering them the most durable and reliable. It has helped me many times! Try it and you will never regret. I haven’t found any drawbacks yet.

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