What is the Best High-Lift Jack That will Never Let You Down?

High-Lift logoIf you admire off-road trips, you should be prepared to face challenging situations. Under the word “prepared” it is meant to be well-equipped. What can be better than to have the Hi-Lift Jack to be on the safe side? If you have it, you can feel free from worries as you can count on its reliable support being stuck when exploring new terrain.
If you are looking for the best High-Lift Jack that will always help you to successfully deal with mud, rocks, and rut during your off-road adventures, entrust that you read this review. It is aimed at providing you with the helpful guidelines on what to pay attention to when choosing the best high-lift Jack.

Why do Off-Road Lovers Entrust Their Life to High-Lift Jacks?

Before you take a decision concerning the high-lift purchase, you should be well-informed being aware of all small details and nuances. When you hear from somebody that this device is just the best on the market, you want to listen to arguments as the same thing may be great for one off-road driver and bad for another one. Talking about high-lift jacks, you will never hear from anybody that they are of the bad quality as the company has a long history.

Not every off-road driver knows that the company producing high-lift jacks is the subsidiary of the well-known Bloomfield Manufacturing Company being run by the same family for over 100 years already. It doesn’t matter which one you will pick up, it will be of the good quality. Sure, that there is a leader among high-lift jacks and today we are going to identify what model it is.

Compare High-Lift Jacks which are On the Market Today

The producer offers to choose from the following models:

Hi-Lift Cast/Steel Jack Hi-Lift All-Cast Jack Hi-Lift X-Treme Jack Hi-Lift UTV Jack
Hi-Lift Cast/Steel Jack Pic Hi-Lift All-Cast Jack Hi-Lift X-Treme Jack Hi-Lift UTV Jack
This model refers to the entry level. It has 4 stamped steel pieces, which doesn’t have a negative impact on its capacity and durability. It is produced in different height options. 60-inch height is the most common one but you can also get the 36, 42-inch. The option has a black finish. This is the durable helper for extreme off-road lovers. All parts are cast here, which makes this option even more long-lasting than others. It has the red finish, which is one of its distinctive features. You won’t tremble with fear driving rugged terrains knowing that this option will always come to the rescue. It has the charcoal metallic powdered coating and great rust resistance. This one has designed especially for UTVs. It has all cast high-quality parts. There are two options available: 36 and 42-inch height.
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Wonder how they differ? You can rely on all of them. However, there is a difference you should take into account when choosing the best one for you. As the manufacturer claims, all models are durable, however, cast jacks will serve you a bit longer. All cast options differ in price as well. If you aren’t going to go off-road often, you can choose the cheaper option. If you are going to use it on the regular basis, then you are recommended to give preference to the all cast high lift jack. As for the pulling power, all types are able to pull up to 7 000 pounds(even UTV). Choosing any of the above-mentioned models, you will benefit from the following features:

  • high productivity;
  • small dimensions making the tool convenient for transportation;
  • wide range of load capacities;
  • smoothness of the working stroke, eliminating the risk of emergencies during the repair process;
  • impressive indicators of lift height;
  • ease of use.

Which Model is the Absolute Leader Among Hi-Lift-Jacks?

It is difficult to outline a leader as all models are really worthy and top quality is designed to satisfy any needs and wants. It depends on how you are going to use your high lift jack. If you can’t live without off-road adventures and need to winch your Jeep, there are two models to consider. You may guess which exactly from the characteristics provided above when we were discussing the types available on the market. You will never regret if choosing one of these options: Hi-Lift all-cast and X-Treme Jack.

Hi Lift All Cast JackAll-cast hi-lift is the terrain warrior that will always provide the necessary help when you need it badly. The all-cast parts guarantee the durability of the device. As it has already been said, those models, which are partially stamped, are also durable but all-cast last longer without the need to replace any piece. This is very important if you face the situations requiring the hi-lift assistance frequently. It can pull up to 7,000 pounds. As you can judge yourself, this option is worth your attention and it could be called a leader if the producer doesn’t have X-Treme Jack, which is the number 1 multi-functional device, which you definitely must have. Jack Hi-lift Jack X-Treme is available in two versions, length 120 cm (48 inches) and 152 cm (60 inches).
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Hi Lift X-Treme Jack
As for another option that deserves to be called the absolutely right choice X-Treme Jack model, it is also all-cast but it can surprise you with even more great features. There is no such a terrain that X-Treme Hi-Lift can’t lift you from as it has been specially designed for those who prefer spending every weekend exploring new places and facing challenges. This option differs from others due to the gold zinc-coal metal used for the hardware. It has the unique finish, which helps it to stand out. Moreover, you will be happy to discover that winching isn’t the only thing it can do best. You will find out such useful functions as clamping down on objects and spreading them.
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After we have Hi-lift X-Treme Jack is the absolute of jacks all over the world having the durable and reliable design, which will last for years. The Hi-lift Jack X-Treme is the best jack that can be used not only as a jack but also as a press, winch or spacer. Don’t hesitate if you prefer getting the great pulling jack once and count on it in every difficult situation as X-Treme option is the best choice for an extreme off-road experience.

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  1. I have used a high-lift jack as a winch. I can say that it helped me very much. There is no a winch in the car, but there is a jack and several thick straps. Adaptation for “straightening the body” allows you to hook on the strap for the upper end of the rail, and the other line for the beak. I have managed to pull the car to a tree. Once my friend and I went for a trip and got stuck on the edge of a forest near the gas pipeline clearing. The soil was like a clay and all has softened early in the spring. I sat there quite well, the stock rubber did not allow me to reach the necessary traction, so three times pulling the cable with a jack, I managed to drag the car 10 meters to the solid site. Jack pulled the cable like an elastic band, and then it tried to move forward, passing 2 meters as a result. In addition to the swing tried, and broke through. The jack can’t be compared to the winch but it is also helpful. Used Hi-Lift All-Cast Jack, click to see it on Amazon

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