Tips and Tricks for Choosing the Best ATV Winch

The winch is the most important of all ATV accessories. It is used to extract a vehicle that has lost the ability to move independently. Agree that it makes no sense to put big wheels and do not equip your car with a winch. Otherwise, you can go there, where a standard car just would not have reached, and stuck there. A winch is a must thing to have, especially if you are a fan of off-road adventures. It is important to choose the right winch for your vehicle. Have no idea on how to do this? Find the helpful guide to buying the best ATV winch.

The Five Main Things You Should Pay Attention to Making a Choice

Line Pull
Pounds(lb) 500 1000 1500 2000 2500
Kilogram (kg) 227 454 680 907 1134

 1. Pulling power:  When choosing a winch, first of all, it is necessary to pay attention to its pulling power. According to the general rule, the winch force should exceed the weight of your car by 1.5 times. But this is very conditional, you have to choose based on the specific conditions of the car. If you do not expect killer trophy-raids, you can go to the trick: buy a weak and inexpensive winch, for example, its thrust is equal to the mass of your car, and each time use a block. The speed will fall 2 times, but the pulling force will increase 2 times. Choosing the winch you need to determine what force will drive the winch drum.
Motor Power
Horsepower (hp) 1 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.8
Kilowatt (kW) 0.74 1.04 1.12 1.19 1.34

 2. Motor:  There is no need to say how important the motor is as it can be compared to the heart in a human. Access your needs and the use of the ATV before choosing the winch of the required power. The strong motor having the characteristics you need depending on the vehicle use is of the utmost importance.
 3. Rope:  There are two types of material used for the rope. You should take into account that synthetic rope is less strong than the steel one. Think which kind of rope material will be the best choice for your needs keeping in mind the durability. The last models of synthetic ropes are worth considering.
 4. Safety:  Winches have different safety features you should check before buying this device. Dynamic breaking, circuit breakers, remote are just some of the features for you to pay attention to. Remember that safety measures play a major role in your off-road experience.
 5. Price:  Price is one of the main factors when choosing a winch for most ATV owners. However, you should bear in mind that this is not just the accessory you can save money on. It is not recommended to choose the cheapest one as it can’t be of the good quality. It is much better to pay more for the winch and feel safe because once the winch can save your life!

How Do Winches Differ: 3 Types of Winches to Choose from

To buy the best winch for your vehicle, you need to know how winches differ. In order to make the well-informed choice, you are recommended to have a look at the existing types of winches and the pros and cons of each of them. There are three types of winches: electric, mechanical and hydraulic.

1. Electric winch

In them, the drum is driven by an electric motor, is installed in the body of the winch itself. The motor takes energy from the car battery. The undeniable advantage of this type of winches is that they are very simple to install. It is enough to install the winch on the car and throw the wires on the battery. And the winch is ready for operation. But there are very significant drawbacks. Firstly, when operating in difficult conditions, when water and dirt get into the housing, the winch very quickly fails. Secondly, they have a very large consumption of electricity. Most vehicles cannot use the winch for a long time. The battery doesn’t work for long and it takes time to charge it. Read review on portable Warn PullzAll 24V winch.

2. Mechanical winch

Also known as Power Take Off (PTO) winches. At these winches, the drum is set in motion by the engine of the car. The torque of the engine is transferred to the winch through the power take-off shaft installed on the transfer case. The winch must be turned on by neutral transmission on the dispenser and one of the gears on the box. For winding the cable – this is the transfer of the forward stroke, for unwinding – the rear. choosing the gear and engine speed, it is possible to adjust the speed of rotation of the drum.

Another plus of mechanical winches is its exceptional reliability. But to great regret, there is one restriction at the installation of mechanical winches. The car’s RC must have a window for installing a power take-off shaft. In the world, there are very few models of cars that have such an opportunity. This is TOYOTA, NISSAN. Mechanics are almost an ideal option for those who ride off-road often and willingly. Having installed such a winch, you can forget about it for a very long time. You just need to clean it and lubricate it, and it will last a very long time. To be honest this type of winchs is no longer very popular today.

3. Hydraulic winches

In such winches, the drum drives the power steering pump. Oil is used to transfer the force from the pump to the winch itself. You cannot turn the wheel while the winch is working. The pump cannot withstand such a load. And the second minus is the complexity of the installation. This is due to the fact that it is necessary to make unique adapters and union connections. An analogous mechanical winch, hydraulics cannot be used if the engine has died down and it also does not consume electricity.
The hydraulic winch is more suitable for those who operate the car off-road, rather than on the road. Unlike the mechanical winch hydraulics can be installed on almost any machine. But the price of such an installation will be high. The hydraulic winch doesn’t consume electricity and is more reliable in operation, compared to an electric winch. But there is a risk that over time there will be oil leaks that will progress. Their repair is also expensive.

Electrical Winch is the Most Optimal Choice

Electric winches are the most common and most optimal self-hauling mechanism. A winch of this class also represents a drum with a cable and a reducer but is driven by an electric motor. This mechanism is operated from the remote control. In the past few years, wireless versions of such consoles have become widespread. In fact, all the work with such a winch consists of three actions: pressing the “unwind” button to pull the cable to the desired length, fixing on the seated car.

On the drum, such a winch usually accommodates up to 30 meters of cable, and the draft effort can range from 1,200 to 5,500 kg (often because of the British weight system used by most equipment manufacturers, the weight is given in pounds, then it will be 2500 to 12,000 pounds). The 2500-pound option is more suitable for the ATV. The most common “car traction” is 9500 pounds (4,300 kg). This effort is sufficient in almost any situation. Roughly speaking, such a winch is quite capable of hanging the car on a tree.

But there is one important detail. To install a stationary electric winch, most often, intervention in the design of the car is required. It is necessary to screw a special pad to the power elements (to the frame or body spars). There are kits for both hidden (under a regular bumper) and for a more “explicit” installation of the winch. But the best way is to put the winch is together with the power bumper.

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  1. I have bought Superwinch Terra 35 and have never regretted my choice. It is really powerful and is made of the high-quality parts. I have been using it for over 4 years already and can claim that it is durable. I can recommend it to ATV owners looking for a winch with the advanced features.

  2. I think that the electrical winch is really the best one. It is equipped with everything you need providing the convenience of use and the safety features. To my mind, WARN is the best company offering top-notch quality devices. I have got WARN Vantage 3000 recently and have stuck once already. It has been helpful when I couldn’t move anywhere being alone in the terrain. I can say that it has a strong motor and shows great performance.

  3. I am an off-road fan and have a large experience of using winches. First, I have tried other winch types but after buying an electrical one I understood that for me it is the best possible option. I pay attention to the pulling power first. I tried Viper series and can admit that they work good but my ideal one is Tungsten4x4 electric ATV. It is durable having the waterproof body, which is really important for me because I use my winch often.

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