Mile Marker 51-06496 UTV Winch Review

Mile Marker is known for its high-quality products and great prices. Winches of this producer are affordable and reliable. Mile Marker 51-06496 UTV is one of the winches that are worth your attention. Have a look at the main characteristics of the winch to check whether it is really so great and you will be able to benefit from buying this product for your vehicle. So let’s check what Mile Marker can offer its customers in the winch 51-06496!

The Most Important Features of Mile Marker

Every off-road lover should have a winch that he can rely on. As for the Mile Marker 51-064696, this option will never let you down if you get stuck unexpectedly. This model is a winch cradle mount, which contains everything you may need for the smooth and reliable winch operation whenever and wherever you are!

This accessory will help you to withstand the high tension generated by 12000 lbs. Mile Marker 51-06496 is the best permanent platform for your winch. It is able to protect you from any unplanned failures during the trip. This model has a black powder-coat finish, which is one of its obvious advantages. It fits all vehicles and can be used by both experienced drivers and off-road amateurs.

Mile Marker 51-06496

  • Brand: Mile Marker
  • Model 51-06496
  • Item Weight 7.71 Kg (16.99 pounds)
  • Product Dimensions 73.7 x 44.4 x 24.1 cm
  • Manufacturer Part Number 51-06496
  • OEM Part Number BCBT51-06496

Is Mile Marker 51-06496 UTV Winch Mount the Best Choice for You?

The reviewed mount will suit both electric and hydraulic winches of the same producer – Mile Marker. The producer provides customers of this kit with 1 Year Limited Warranty. Using this kit, you can be sure that it will be an inevitable thing for your vehicle recovery. It will pull you out of trouble on the trail and will allow enjoying the smooth and quiet performance of the winch. Check also review on Mile Marker PE2.5.

Believe, you will never regret making this choice as Mile Marker never produces low-quality products. Each part of the mount kit is designed in accordance with all necessary standards and is aimed at providing you with the smooth performance. The mount kit is a durable product for both utility and off-road vehicles. You will be able to enjoy adventures conquering the terrain together with the innovative mount cradle mount.

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  1. Thanks for sharing useful information about the mount winch. I am looking for the good mount kit which is priced reasonably. I have checked the cost of this one and it looks quite affordable for the product of the great quality.

  2. I have had some products made by Mile Marker and want to admit that all of them were great designer solutions. Mile Marker winch mount isn’t an exception. I always use it when I plan off-road trips and have already checked how great it operates.

  3. I think that this winch mount is a very useful thing for me as I like spending my weekends exploring new terrains. To my mind, everything works as the producer claims. I can recommend to buy it if you are looking for the high-quality accessories for your vehicle which have not only nice design but also the perfect and durable construction able to withstand any trouble.

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