Mile Marker 76-50260W SEC15(es) Truck/SUV Winch: Which Pros Does It Have?

If you are an owner of either a big truck or SUV, you are welcome to have a closer look at the Mile Marker 76-50260W electric winch, which has a large number of benefits, besides the fact that its producer is famous for the superior quality winch design. Want to know what advantages you can enjoy if giving preference to this option? Then, hold on reading and discover what features the winch has.

Main Specifications of Mile Marker 76-50260W SEC 15(es)

Let’s start Mile Marker 76-50260W review from the key characteristics, which may matter when buying a winch for your vehicle. The pulling power of the winch is 15000, which is sufficient to use it with the aim to provide the smooth recovery of the heavy trucks and SUVs. At the same time, the winch itself is the lightest one among winches with the same power. The next important feature that off-road lovers consider is the motor. Here, the motor is series wound, 5.5 hp, 12 V. There is a 3-Stage Planetary gear with the ration of 296:1. Also, you will find both power-in, and -out remote. The winch has a fully sealed element, which corresponds to IP68 standards. The winch is resistant to water, snow, and mud.

What Benefits Can Mile Marker 76-50260W Offer You?

As it has already been said, the winch can be used whenever you wish, regardless of the weather conditions. Sounds great, doesn’t it? The maximum duty cycle and the outstanding recovery are also pros you will definitely enjoy. The winch has a lightweight, which means that you won’t have to add extra weight to your vehicle’s front end. Among the benefits, you will like most, its the corrosion resistant coating and durability. When getting this product, you can be sure that it will work as the producer claims.

The winch has a stylish design without anything extra. Here you will see only the best quality parts that will serve you for years. It has the black body is made of metal. The wich is resistant to any conditions. You can rely on it whenever you have a problem. The whole construction of the winch is compact being very convenient in use. It is able to help you to get out of any trouble offering smooth operation.

Part Number 76-50260W
Rated line pull 15,000 lbs (6810 kgs), Single line
Gear Train 3 Stage Planetary
Gear Ratio 296 : 1
Motor Series Wound, 6.8 hp, 12V,  (24V not available)
Control Pendant Power-In, Power-Out Remote, 12’ (3.7 m)
Dimensions (LxWxH) 22.44” X 6.29” X 11.00” (570 mm X 160 mm X 280 mm)
Steel Cable 3/8 x 79′ (9.5 mm X 22m)
Drum Size 2.9” X 8.9” (75 mm X 228 mm )
Net weight 85 lbs
Bolt Pattern 4 Bolt Pattern, 4.5” X 10″ (114.3 mm X 254 mm)

Buy or Not to Buy: Should You Buy Mile Marker 76-50260 W?

It is up to you to decide whether this winch is suitable for you. It is versatile and suits all SUV! Nothing to worry about if you have an unexpected problem somewhere on new terrain. Mile Marker will come to the rescue. Either a professional or a beginner will enjoy the great benefits the winch can provide with.

It is the choice of many professional off-road fans who always give preference to the best things. Does the outer look play any role for you? Both the winch design and its performance matter. Here you can see both construction and the quality of parts on the top level! An attractive body of the black color looks great. Need a winch for your truck or SUV? Then, check what experts recommend. They consider this winch a great deal ever. After checking its specifications, we can also claim this!

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  1. I have heard about its key features and I can say that I was impressed by its powerful pulling power and the light weight. Also, I have immediately paid attention to the fact that it has Dacromet coated roller fairlead of the highest quality.

  2. The model presented by Mile Marker 76-50260 W is worth attention because it has everything I need for the successful speedy recovery. Recommend this product to everyone.

  3. I have bought this winch because my friend recommended me this model. He has had it for over 5 years already and it has never failed when winching. The process of installation takes not much time because the producer takes care of the users giving the helpful manuals. So I can say that I am satisfied with my choice.

  4. The winch works smoothly and can be used in any weather, which is great for me because I like going off-road in winter.

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