Mile Marker 76-53251BW Electric Winch: Get 12000lbs Power for Your Truck/SUV

Are you going to get a winch for your truck or SUV? Consider Mile Marker 76-53251BW electric winch that has been designed by one of the most popular winch producers Mile Marker. It is well-known for high-quality and durable products for off-road lovers. If you are one of them, you should definitely hold on reading the review to find out whether this model is a great choice for your vehicle. So let’s get started!

Mile Marker 76-53251BW: What Makes This Model Different from Others?

The specifications of the winch are the first thing you need to pay attention to. We want to draw your attention to the features and characteristics of the electric winch with the sealed element. This is the best winch line for those who don’t want to postpone off-road adventures until the good weather. Thanks to the fact that the winch is sealed to IP68 standard, you can use it anywhere and anytime not depending on the weather conditions. The winch is waterproof, snowproof, and mudproof.

It has a 12,000 lb. load capacity, which makes it possible to forget about all worries as this power is sufficient to pull any heavy truck or SUV. The winch provides stable performance. It is not surprising because it is equipped with a rugged 3-stage planetary gear train with 296:1 ratio. The winch has marine grade control connectors. Not less important is the fact that the winch has a series wound motor 12V. The winch owner will enjoy the maximum duty cycle thanks to the submersible solenoid 500 amp. As for the outer winch construction, it has an expedition-grade body with the steel coating. It is resistant to corrosion, which guarantees the winch durability.

Part Number 76-53251BW
Rated line pull 12000 lbs (5443 Kgs)
Gear Train 3 Stage Planetary
Gear Ratio 296:1
Motor Series Wound, 4.8 hp (3.6 KW), 12 / 24 V
Control Pendant Power In, Power Out Remote, 12’
Dimensions (LxWxH) 22.25” X 6.25” X 8.00” (565.2 mm X 158.8 mmX 203.2 mm)
Synthetic Rope 3/8” X 100’ (9.53 mm X 30.5 m)
Drum Size 2.5” X 9” (63.5 mm X 228.6 mm)
Net weight 67 lbs. (30.3 kg)
Bolt Pattern 4 Bolt Pattern, 4.5” X 10”, (114.3 mm X 254 mm)

Is Mile Marker 76-5325 the Best Choice for You?

Do you like extreme? Can’t imagine your weekends not exploring new off-road environments? Then, this winch model is what you have been looking for. It has a stylish look and at the same time, it is not just a good-looking accessory, as it can provide you with maximum safety. The winch works great having a solid construction, which guarantees its reliable operation.
If you are looking for the best price-quality ratio, you are recommended to consider this option because it is worth its money. After the review of the winch specifications, it is possible to claim that the winch can become your helper whenever you face unexpected trouble. It is convenient in use and can be mounted on your bumper without any difficulties. For safety, it’s also fitted with an integrated kill switch and an automatic load holding brake that keeps the clutch lever engaged, so there’s no risk of the cable free-spooling back suddenly to set you further back.
The winch producer provides you with the 2-Year warranty. You take no risks when getting this product because it is the device that is produced according to the most innovative technologies. The winch model will fit any truck or SUV being a great addition to the modern image of your vehicle. If you need a powerful winch that will serve you for long, – don’t pass this one!

3 thoughts on “Mile Marker 76-53251BW Electric Winch: Get 12000lbs Power for Your Truck/SUV”

  1. I think that this winch is just another great device presented by Mile
    Marker. If you want to buy a winch for lifetime and not buy a new one every year, – pay for this model. Perhaps, it costs more expensive than some other models but here you don’t waste money- you pay for the durability.

  2. I would like to share my impressions after using this winch. Last Sunday my friends and I were having a competition on our SUVs and one of us got stuck. If not my winch, I don’t know what could happen because there was a strong storm. The winch saved my friend’s life, otherwise, he would stay in the severe weather conditions far from home. I recommend this model to everyone who gives preference to high-quality things of the American brand.

  3. Thanks for the opinion about Mile Marker sealed winch. I had certain doubts concerning its specifications because I am choosing my first winch. Now I have a better understanding about the features that matter. I think that it is the most reasonable option to choose for my SUV.

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