Mile Marker 77-53112BW PE3.5(es) Electric Winch: Get or Not to Get?

The number of winches in today’s market is impressive. However, this causes problems with making a choice. What to do if you have heard something about Mile Marker winch producer but have no idea whether to trust this information or not? It is simple! Just read the detailed review of one of the best winch models that Mile Marker has produced. Let’s have a closer look at the winch with the 3500 lbs pulling power from PE 3.5 series.

Main Features of Mile Marker 77-53112BW

Before making a winch choice, you need to check its specifications to know whether it can satisfy all your wants and needs. It is not a secret that for a winch, its motor is like a heart for a man. So what do we have here? The permanent magnet motor is able to provide you with the optimum performance and the long-lasting operation without any flaws. You will be satisfied with the fast line speed provided by the powerful gear ratio.

The recovery speed is impressive. You can rely on this winch whenever you are. The winch has a pulling power of 3500 lbs, which is sufficient to help you to get out of any trouble. Being powerful enough, it doesn’t have a heavy design. It has lightweight and can be used in any situation. Also, the winch has 300 amp solenoid, which is responsible for the durable and strong operation. This model falls into the category of Tough series, which guarantee the best performance thanks to the high-quality parts and the innovative design.

  • Capacity:3,500 lbs.
  • Winch Type:Electric
  • Volts:12
  • Specs: 77-53112BW Specifications.
  • Gear Train:3 Stage Planetary
  • Gear Ratio:153:1
  • Motor: Permanent magnet 2 hp, 12 volt
  • Control Pendant: Illuminated Joystick Remote, 12 foot
  • Cable:3/16 inch X 50 foot (nominal 5540 lbs.) Synthetic Rope
  • Drum Size:1.5 inch X 3.15 inch
  • Weight:25 lbs.
  • Bolt Pattern:4 Bolt Pattern, 4.88 inch x 3 inch
  • Instructions:77-53112BW Winch Installation Guide.
  • Manufacturers Part Number:77-53112BW
  • UPC758626741110
  • MPN77-53112BW

Should You Buy Mile Marker 77-53112BW Electric Winch?

If you compare the characteristics of the winch described above with other winch models in the same price range, you will have no doubts that it is a good price-quality ratio. First of all, you get the branded product with a warranty from one of the most popular American winch producers. Secondly, you get a great opportunity to enjoy safe off-road adventures without having worries concerning bad weather conditions, etc. Nothing can prevent you from planning trips on your vehicle and exploring new terrains if Mile Marker 77-53112 is with you.

This model is versatile, which means that you can use it for any ATV and UTV. It is easy to install the winch following the manual from the manufacturer. Have you faced tough situation? Not a problem! You’ll come back home safe if you have the electric winch with 3500 lbs capacity.

8 thoughts on “Mile Marker 77-53112BW PE3.5(es) Electric Winch: Get or Not to Get?

  1. Alban March 27, 2019 at 10:23 pm

    I would like to share my emotions devoted to the use of the discussed model. I think that it is great when you need help with heavy weights. I have used it several times already and it has never let me down. I think it is a good deal!

  2. Tolyan March 30, 2019 at 7:42 pm

    Hey, Roy, if you need my opinion, I can say that it can do much. I have checked its speed recently and was pleasantly surprised. Everything works as the producer claims. The winch is worth your attention!

  3. T1000 April 22, 2019 at 4:16 pm

    I have seen how my friend uses his Mile Marker PE 2.5 and was impressed. I have decided to get even more powerful winch of the same series and I can claim that its performance is free of disadvantages. It is just perfect!

  4. RoadExplorer August 19, 2019 at 6:27 pm

    If you need a reliable helper during your off-road trips, then get this Mile Marker 3500 and have no worries because it will be at hand when you get stuck. It has a super fast recovery speed! I have checked it by myself!

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