Mile Marker PE2.5(es) ATV/UTV Premium Sealed Electric Winch Review

Mile Marker makes winches for professional off-road fans. At the same time, the winch of PE series will be easy to use even if it is your first winch. Being famous for its excellent design solutions and quality of the winch parts, Mile Marker winches have become popular all over the world. Buying American quality winches at a reasonable price you contribute to your safe adventures. Want to learn more about the PE 2.5 series winch designed for ATV and UTV? Then, hold on reading this review!

Key Characteristics of Mile Marker 2500

First of all, let’s have a look at the major characteristics of the winch model. The winch has a pulling power of 2500, which is sufficient for the smooth operation and the speedy recovery. There is a 2-stage Planetary gear train with the ratio 241:1. The winch is equipped with the 12 V, 2 hp sealed motor. The control pendant is both power-in and out remote. There is a galvanized roller with the aluminum hawse.

Part Numbers 77-50105BW
Rated line pull 2500 lbs (1134 kg) Single Line
Gear Train 3 Stage Planetary
Gear Ratio 241:1
Motor Permanent Magnet, 2 hp (1.5kw), 12 VDC
Control Pendant Power-In, Power-Out Remote, 12’ (3.7 m)
Dimensions (LxWxH) 13.0” X 4.18” X 4.3” (330 mm X 106.2 mmX 109.2 mm)
Steel Cable 3/16” X 50’ (nominal 4200 lbs, 1905 kg) (4.8 mm X 15.2 m)
Drum Size
 2” X 3.15” (50.8 mm X 80 mm)
Net weight 18.5 lbs (11 kg)
Bolt Pattern 4 Bolt Pattern, 4.88” X 3”,n(124 mm X 76.2 mm)

Advantages of the Winch Made by Mile Marker

The winch has a durable design, which is resistant to any kind of weather conditions. Is it raining or snowing? It doesn’t matter as the winch is able to work in any bad weather conditions. You can use it for all UTV and ATV vehicles counting on its smooth operation and high speed of recovery. You should have this winch with you always because you never know when you can face an unexpected situation. The winch has a lightweight but at the same time, it is a reliable one. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Mile Marker’s lineup of ATV winches differ with the awesome recuperation speeds, an astounding stopping mechanism, and furthermore highlight Synthetic Rope as an alternative. These winches incorporate both a handheld remote control and additionally a handlebar mounted remote control giving both controls in and out capacities. Mile Marker has additionally built up another waterproof, 300 amp evaluated solenoid, giving the most extreme obligation cycle to these little size powerhouses.

You will definitely like its black body, which is made so that the winch is completely resistant to corrosion. This option is great to choose because it can provide you with the versatility and convenience in use. The compact design is what you will definitely like taking into account that you are getting a high-quality product that will help you to get out of trouble for years without any kind of failures.

Are you looking for the top-notch quality winch? Then, don’t pass by this one! As you can see, it is worth your attention. Need more power? Check our review on Mile Marker SEC4500 winch with 4500lbs rated line pull.

5 thoughts on “Mile Marker PE2.5(es) ATV/UTV Premium Sealed Electric Winch Review”

  1. I like it much! I have checked how it works and was impressed by its smooth performance. To my mind, it costs reasonable and works properly. The parts are designed in accordance with all necessary standards. Enjoying safe trips is easy with this product.

  2. If you want a light weight but powerful winch for UTV or ATV, I can also recommend this one because it has a great stylish design and works really great, regardless of weather. I like off-road in winter and for me it is not a rare situation when I get stuck. Mile Marker 2500 always helps me and once it has saved my life when I faced unexpected trouble. I have never regretted that I have chosen this option.

  3. Thanks to my friend, who has presented me this winch, I have had a chance to enjoy a safe adventure which could have a not very good end but the winch saved me. I can recommend it to anyone who needs a device with the fast recovery.

  4. I have got this winch because my friends, all of them, have winches made by Mile Marker, which differ only with the pulling power. 2500 is sufficient for my UTV so I have decided to choose it instead of 3500. What can I say about this winch? It works smoothly and provides a fast recovery whenever you get stuck.

  5. I have heard much about this American brand and decided to check whether it is so great. I have got the winch at an affordable price and this that it is worth its money. I like how it works and I am sure that it is the best option for my money.

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