Is It Possible to Pull the Stuck Car Using a Winch Sideways?

If you are new to off-road and have just started using a winch, you should check all possible ways on how to use a winch the right way. You may face different situations and it is better if you aren’t confused or puzzled if something goes not the way you have seen in the instructions. There are several ways on how to use the winch and one of them is pulling the car that has stuck sideways. Find out how to do this the best way. There are certain peculiarities you should pay attention to because safety should be your main priority.

The Full Step-by-Step Guide on How to Pull Sideways

side winching
Let’s check what professionals recommend when facing a need to pull the car sideways. There is an algorithm you need to follow:

1) Before attaching the winch to the car, determine the direction in which it should be pulled. If you choose it wrong, the machine can stuck even deeper, and when you pull it out of the ditch, it can turn over at all. The basic rule is that the front wheels should stand straight as the turned wheels create additional resistance, and it will be more difficult to pull out the car. Moreover, the winch needs to be fastened as high as possible, so it will be easier for you to pull out the car.
2) Make sure that the winch mechanism does not touch the ground – in this case, dirt may get stuck into it, and the device will spin at the most important moment. For front-wheel drive vehicles, in order to get out of the mud quagmire, it is also advised to turn the wheels to the right and left. Such a move increases the chances of the car that he caught on solid ground. However, you should not do this with a rear-wheel drive car – this will only aggravate the situation.
3) Find a basis, a so-called anchor as this is the main thing here. And it does not necessarily have to be situated exclusively directly on the course. You have sense if you have just thought about the installation on the front side. In most cases, this happens like this. However, this does not mean that it can be pulled only forward. The car, stuck in a rut, in most cases should be pulled sideways at an angle. In this case, the front wheel rolling on the high edge of the track will lift the car, simultaneously freeing it from the trap.

In this case, it is extremely undesirable to help the winch by rotating its wheels: the car will simply start moving forward along the track until the cable is at a 90 degree angle to the car. Another important feature you should keep in mind: when pulling to the side, the cable will be wound only on one side of the drum. Therefore, stretching the car a little, you should stop using the winch, fix the SUV with brakes and give the cable so that it can erase back about the distance the car has traveled, and then wind it to the opposite side of the drum.

1) After this, you can continue pulling the stuck vehicle. It is recommended to do the same for several times: as many times as needed. Otherwise, there is a chance that there will be not sufficient space for a cable on one edge of the winch drum, and it will bite tightly. In this case, you will have to not only follow the tractor, but also pull out the jammed cable, and maybe even cut it.
2) Besides, do not forget about security measures: hang any rag in the middle of the tensioned cable so that in case of breakage the cable doesn’t harm you. You are recommended to use only steel cable extenders. Be even more careful with the cable dampers because the breaking of a dynamic line is similar to a shot from a firearm by its damaging ability.

Now you know how to pull the car sideways. If you follow the recommendations above, you will be able to save time and do everything quickly and effectively.

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  1. Thanks for sharing very useful information. It will be of great use to me as I have off-road trips frequently and may face various unexpected situations. Hope it will help me to get out.

  2. I have done like this and it helped me much when I thought already that my life was in danger when I stuck in the mud alone. This is not very difficult to pull sideways. I haven’t had much experience but I managed to do this successfully.

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