Smittybilt 97495 XRC Winch – Protection Class IP67

High-performance and durability are two words that can characterize Smittybilt 97495 XRC Winch best. The American company Smittybilt exists since 1956 and produces equipment for trucks and SUVs. Smittybilt winches are created for heavy operating conditions and are distinguished by high quality and unique durability. If you have decided to get a winch but still don’t know which one to pick up, this review is for you. Consider the major benefits it can offer you and take the well-informed decision based on the careful investigation of the winch characteristics. Let’s get started!
Smittybilt 97495 XRC Winch Review

Smittybilt 97495 XRC Characteristics

Waterproofing IP67 Rating
Fairlead 4-Way Roller
Rated Line Pull: 9,500Lbs (4,309kgs) single-line
Remote Control Included
Motor 6.6hp Series Wound
Recommended Battery 650CCA Minimum for Winching
Control Remote Switch, 12 feet (3.7m) lead
Battery Leads 25mm, 72″ (1.83m)
Gear Train 3-Stage Planetary
Gear Ratio 161.28:1
Finish Textured Black
Weight 78.0 lbs (35.0 k)
Clutch Sliding Ring Gear Mounting
Bolt Pattern 10.0 ” x 4.5 “
Brake Automatic In-Drum
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) 22.3″ x 5.4″ x 9.4″
Drum Size Diameter 2.5″
Cable Type Wire Rope
Cable 94′ Length 5/16″ Diameter.
Length 10.0″ (254mm)
Installation Difficulty Level 2(Intermediate) 1-2 hours
If you were careful when having a look at the features, you could notice that winches of XRC series have water protection class IP67. This feature provides you with the great chance to use it under any conditions. Due to the powerful motor and not large gear ratio, the gearbox has a high winding speed. The case of the winch is covered with a strong, UV-resistant coating, which is also an important feature to take into account when looking for the perfect winch for your vehicle.

What Makes Smittybilt 97495 a Good Winch to Choose?

If you are thinking about whether Smittybilt winch is worth your money or not, you should keep in mind that it is made by the well-known producer who provides you with many pros and guarantees. This model refers to the improved generation of winches that have been successfully improved. You can rely on your winch in any trouble you face unexpectedly.
It is going to work for years. If not, then you can have it fixed due to the warranty provided for the lifetime. This refers to the mechanical warranty while the electrical is five years, which is also long enough. The brand has few competitors only, being one of the best producers of the high-quality winches. Your Jeep will look much better if you get this device. It is not only about the stylish look but about the benefit it can provide you with helping to deal with the off-road issues quickly and effectively. There is a great saying “Be better than you were yesterday”. This is the main principle of Smittybilt work. The designers always brainstorm ideas on how to improve both the appearance and the internal organization of their winches. If you see Smittybilt winches once, you will be able to differentiate between them. The model 97495 xrc has a bumper and armor that aren’t similar to any other.

Smittybilt is the Winch for Those Who Want to Get the High-Performance Guarantee

Smittybilt xrs series is the best choice for the money. 9500 pounds of its pulling power will be enough to pull your Jeep out from any mud, regardless of weather conditions. Don’t forget that it is waterproof, which will definitely be of use to you as there is water in any mud hole. You won’t have to worry being sunk deep as Smittybilt is the winch you can rely on facing emergencies.

Winch Parts List – 97465/97412 XRC9500 LB/XRC12000 LB

winch parts 97465/97412

Item No. Part No. Description
XRC2 9.5K lbs. XRC2 12K lbs
01 57495-01 57495-01 Sun gear assembly
02 97465-02 97465-02 Gear Carrier Assy-input
03 97495-Ia3 97495-Ia3 Gear Carrier Ass -Intermediate
05 97495-05 97495-05 Gear Carrier Assy-Output
07 97495-07 97495-07 Gear Carrier Anti Friction Cushion
08 97495-06 97495-06 Drum Assy
09 97495-09 97495-09 brake positioning bolt
10 97495-10 97495-10 Brake Assy
11 97495-11 97495-11 Coupling Joint
12 97495-12 97495-12 Rotor
13 97495-13 97495-13 X Gear Box Seal Ring
15 97495-15 97495-15 Long bolt hardware set
97495-45 97495-45 Long bolt hardware set
16 97495-16 97495-16 Motor cover
17 97495-17 97495-17 Carbon Assy
18 97495-18 97495-18 Stator
19 97495-19 97495-19 Long Screw M8*25
20 97495-20 97495-20 Motor Base
21 97495-21 97495-21 Nylong Bearing
22 97495-22 97495-22 Tie Bar
25 97495-25 97495-25 Gear Box Base
26 97495-26 97495-26 Drum Anti Friction Sheet
27 97495-27 97495-27 Inner Gear
29 97495-29 97495-29 Clutch Gear
30 97495-30 97495-30 Motor Seal Ring
36 97495-36 97495-36 Dust Ring
37 97495-37 97495-37 Clutch handle assy
41 97495-41 97495-41 Wire rope with fix boll
42 97495-42 97495-42 Wire rope lix boll
43 97495-43 97495-43 Winch mounting hardware
45 97495-46 97495-46 Clevis hook
47 97495-47 97495-47 Roller Fairlead
48 97495-48 97495-48 Fairlead Mounting hardware
49 97495-49 97495-49 Control box cover
50 97495-50 97495-50 Remote control
52 97495-52 97495-52 ISM
53 97495-53 97495-53 Control box cover
55 97495-55 97495-55 Gear box Assy
56 97495-56 97495-56 Control box mounting hardware
57 97495-57 97495-57 Motor Assy
58 97495-58 97495-58 Socket cover
59 97495-59 97495-59 Socket Connector assy
64 97495-64 97495-64 XRC logo tie bar bolt
68 97495-68 97412-68 Decal set
71 97495-71 97495-71 XRC logo tie bar

Dimension Of The Winch

SmittyBilt 97495 Dimensions

Battery Cable Wiring Diagram

Smittybilt 97495 XRC Battery Cable Wiring Diagram

9500LBS Line Pull & Capacity

Layers Of Cable 1 2 3 4
Rated Line pull per layer lbs 9500 8435 7640 7086
kg 4305 3822 3460 3212
Cumulative cable capacity ft 16 42 72 94
m 5 12 21 28

There are a lot of drivers who prove that the winch from Smittybilt does its work flawlessly. You won’t face difficulties when installing it. It will look great on your 4×4 or Jeep. The installation won’t take much time thanks to the understandable instructions that are included to help you mount the winch. Super quality of winch parts, durability and power make this device a pretty good choice among winches of the same price range.

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  1. My jeep was under water about 5 mins (cross river ha ha) and I want tell u that winch works perfectly after such stress!

  2. You will pay for that quality. I own a Smittybilt winch and I am quite happy with it. Performs and functions as intended. Stay safe on the trails fellow off-roaders.

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