Superwinch Winch2Go 1140222 Review

Superwinch offers a new product -Winch2Go portable winch. This is a complete set of equipment ready for use, which will be useful in various situations. With the help of the portable electric winch Superwinch, you can unload or load your boat, pull the ATV or snowmobile out of the trap. Read the true Winch 2Go 1140222 review to learn more about this innovative winch.

Main Features: What Makes Winch2Go Innovative?

Winch2Go is by right considered one of the latest developments of the American winch manufacturer Superwinch. It is the development of the Winch-in-A-Bag portable winch concept, which has gained immense popularity among millions of off-road lovers. Thanks to the wires for quick installation the winch is brought into the ready-to-operate state in less than a minute! Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Also, the winch will save your stuck car or crossover, or move the load to the desired location. Superwinch Winch2Go is a portable, compact winch that doesn’t require special installation and specific fasteners. It is always ready for use and can be used with any light vehicles, provided the unit is used. The kit is conveniently stored in the trunk of a car or a snowmobile gear.

Winch2Go was based on the proven winch LT4000 with a pulling force of 4000 lbs. The winch itself is protected by a plastic case, which also serves to store a number of accessories: the set includes wires, a control panel, slings, gloves, and a unit, the use of which is provided by the design of the winch allowing you to double the pulling force. Winches are available with both steel and synthetic cables for you to choose the one you like most.

Advantages of Superwinch Winch2G

Check which benefits you will enjoy if choosing this winch model:

  • A unique construction in the form of a box. It allows you to maintain order in the trunk, all the accessories and fasteners are stored inside. The compact and functional case is easy to clean. In the package, everything you need for fastening and even more. It’s comfortable!

  • Powerful traction – 4000 lbs (1814 kg). The pull of the winch is 4000lbs, which is quite enough to get out of the trap a small SUV, a quad bike, a snowmobile, or other equipment.

  • Has the unit (included in the kit) – pulling power 8000 lbs (3628 kg). The only portable winch, which comes with a proprietary reinforcement unit. With it, you can easily increase the winch’s traction to 8000 lbs, and that’s enough to get even a heavy SUV.

  • Maximum reliability, 1-year warranty. At the heart of Winch2Go is the time-tested winch Superwinch LT-4000. The Superwinch winches have a minimum percentage of failures according to statistics.

  • Easy to use. Everything is very simple. The combat readiness is one minute! Simply open the drawer, connect the console to the winch and wires to the battery, secure the winch to the car or other vehicle, and that’s it. The rest is to find, what to cling for.

Photos: Front, Back and Inside

Is Winch2Go a Good Option to Choose?

This portable winch is what the owner of off-road equipment needs. It will be the perfect choice for fishermen, hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, and everyone who loves off-road trips. It is useful in everyday life. This device is excellent for any vehicle, from the ATV to the average SUV. And when using the unit (included) Winch2Go is able to pull out even a heavy SUV from the trap – the unit increases the winch’s traction by 2 times – up to 8000lbs / 3628 kg

4 thoughts on “Superwinch Winch2Go 1140222 Review”

  1. I have no questions to the winch. The only negative thing I have mentioned is that it is impossible to use it alone and at the same time help the winch with wheels. Because, as soon as the car starts its own movement, the cable is weakened and the winch falls under the car. The presence of a prompt navigator solves this problem completely.

  2. It is very convenient to use and goes right away with a full set of accessories. The traction effort is enough to pull in a nice hill a loaded pickup truck without the help of a driver. I have notived that it is not very adapted to work in the frost at -25. Also, I would like to say that there are short power cables for connection to the battery.

  3. At first glance, everything is very well thought out. The advantages of such a design are mass. The only negative thing was the length of the power wires, which did not provide for the use of this winch behind the car – they simply would not be enough to the front, where the battery is usually located.

  4. Having a fairly large, more than ten-year experience in judging and participating in various off-road competitions throughout the country, for some reason I naively believed that it was already impossible to surprise me with something in the off-road sphere. But Superwinch has managed to do this! It works perfectly and has helped me to get out of mud for several times already. Recommend it!

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