Tungsten4x4 T12000s Winch Review: Are You Safe With It?

Almost every Jeep owner likes extreme off-road adventures but it depends on you whether this experience will be great or dangerous. If you like off-road driving but you are concerned about your safety, – consider the winch from Tungsten! Can you entrust your life to Tungsten 4×4 12000s winch? Find this out in this detailed review!

What Features Does Tungsten4x4 T12000 Have?

Specifications are the first thing you need to check before choosing a winch. So let’s check what the producer has equipped T12000 with. As you can see from the winch name, it is rather powerful having 12000 lbs. However, this is not the only advantage of this winch. It has a magnetic motor with 6.5 HP, 12 V DC. The weight of the winch is 84 lbs. It is equipped with synthetic rope, which is durable and reliable during the process of winching.

What else will you find in the T12000? 3 Stage Planetary Gear is presented to provide the real horsepower. You will be glad to find out that you can pull out the wire rope without the necessity to use electric power. You can use the winch in different weather conditions without any limits because it is waterproof having IP 67 Rating, which is your guarantee of the complete water resistance. The dynamic and mechanical brake will help you to control the winching process easier. Moreover, there are instructions for you to use.

Rated line pull

12000lbs(5443kg)single line


Series wound 6.5hp/4.8kw,12V DC

Gear Train

3 stage planetary gear

Gear ratio



Sliding ring gear

Braking action

Automatic in the drum


Aluminum hawse fairlead


5/8″x73”(11mm×24m) Synthetic rope

Drum size




Mounting bolt pattern



2 gauge, 72″ (1.83m)



Is Tungsten T12000 a Great Option to Pick?

Tungsten 4×4 T12000 will suit you if you need a big pulling power as it has. You should have no doubts concerning its power and an ability to never let you get stuck. The stylish design, affordable price, and the top-notch quality of the internal parts make this winch a good option to consider when choosing a winch for your Jeep.

One more great thing about Tungsten4x4 winch is that the manufacturer provides the warranty for 3 years. This means that you have nothing to worry about at least during this period of time. If you have any technical issues, – you are always welcome to use the Lifetime Technical Support. Sounds great, doesn’t it? If you need a reliable and durable winch that will be able to take care of your safe off-road experience, then look no further! Check review on Tungsten4x4 T9500.
Photo used from: http://www.fromwinch.com

2 thoughts on “Tungsten4x4 T12000s Winch Review: Are You Safe With It?”

  1. I have got this winch model recently because my friend has recommended it to me. I haven’t had a chance to check how it works but he said that it is really powerful and easy to use. I trust his opinion because he has a large experience of driving off-road. Now I can say that I like how it is equipped and the design it has.

  2. I would like to recommend T12000 lbs because it is the best winch I have had so far. I like Tungsten products because they are always done from the superior quality materials. I like how every part is designed. I am sure that the price is rather affordable for the winch of such great quality and power.

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