Warn 68801 16.5ti Thermometric Winch Review

Warn company is well-known for producing top-notch quality winches aimed to help you in dealing with difficult situations on your own. If you are interested in the most powerful models, then one of the leaders is Warn 68801 16.5ti Thermometric Winch, which we are going to look at now.

warn winch

Brand Warn
Model Name 68801 16.5ti Thermometric Winch
Motor 12V 4.6 hp, Gen II, Series Wound
Rated Line Pull 16,500 lbs. (7484 kgs) single-line
Electrical Control Solenoid Control Pack
Remote control Remote switch, with LED indicator 12 ft (3.7m) lead
Gear ratio 315:1
Clutch (freespooling) Rotating ring gear
Brake Automatic direct drive cone
Geartrain 3-stage planetary
Drum diameter/length 3.5 in /8.2 in (9cm/21cm)
Weight 138 lbs. (63 kgs.)
Wire rope 90 ft, 7/16 in diameter (27m, 11mm diam.)
Fairlead Roller
Recommended Battery 650 CCA minimum for winching
Battery Leads 2 gauge, 72 in. (1.83m)
Finish High-gloss powder coat over primer undercoating
Mounting Bolt Pattern 10.0″ x 4.5″ (254mm x 114.3mm)
Winch Dimensions: 24.2″ L. x 8.5″ D. x 9.7″ H. (628mm L. x 216mm D. x 247mm H.)
Other features
  • Extreme-duty sealing protects from the outside elements
  • Exclusive brake design
  • Aluminum control box cover for added protection of the electronics
  • Series-wound, high-speed motor provides fast line speed and strong pulls
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Which features 16.5 ti Thermometric Winch can boast with?

Warn Thermometric Winch view
Warn 16.5ti belongs to the classic category of winches with high power characteristics. There is truly a gigantic force being able to create a pulling force of up to 7,484 kg! The reduction ratio of Warn 16.5Ti reaches 315: 1. Simplicity, reliability, and endurance of the winch can pleasantly surprise even the choosiest consumer. It is ready to perform the most difficult and responsible work. It will not let you down in emergency situations. The reliability of the winch operation is provided with additional protection and thanks to the peculiarities of ti technology.
warn scheme
The Warn 16.5Ti winch has its own diagnostics system, its own overload protection system – built-in thermal protection. This winch is designed and manufactured with additional requirements for extreme tightness, durability, and reliability. These conditions are met by all winches with ti technology, and this is an exceptional feature of these Warn winches.

Which advantages does Warn 68801 16.5ti Thermometric Winch offer its customers?

Warn 16.5Ti winch is a new offer. Energy-saving production technologies of winches have made it possible to achieve efficient operation at high speeds with low power consumption. A new winch body, made of aluminum alloys, allows you to keep the consumer weight characteristics. The fastening of the block of solenoids on this type of winches is provided directly on the winch body. The weight of this winch is 63 kg. Warn 16.5 ti is equipped with a durable steel cable 27 m long with a diameter of 11 mm.
The LED indicator communicates with the reverse temperature control of the motor. The new advanced design provides a higher winding speed with a lower ampere characteristic. It is impossible not to pay attention to the presence of a cable made by aviation technology.
Moreover, Warn 68801 16.5 ti winch offers a lot of things to enjoy.
Check out the list of the most impressive benefits provided by Warn Thermometric winch here:

  • High degree of sealing from external influences
  • DFT with series excitation
  • high rotation speed
  • powerful pulling force
  • complete control during the winch working application
  • additional electronics protection
  • reliable 3-stage planetary gear for smooth and trouble-free operation
  • control panel with connection wire 3.7 m thermometric LED indicator for closed-loop control

Is Warn 16.5 ti Thermometric Winch the perfect choice for you?

Find yourself in predicaments that require a winch quiet often? Warn 16.5ti winch is designed and installed for heavy (including armored) off-road vehicles and trucks used in emergency situations (ambulance, police, emergency services, etc.), search parties, exploration and maintenance of deposits in conditions of partial or complete absence of roads, expeditions, travel, hunting, fishing, motorsport. It is ready to withstand demands of high loads during self-hauling.
This series is for the most demanding applications with robust construction, environmental protection and a high level of performance. If you are looking for 100% reliable witch for your SUV or truck, then look no further than Thermometric Winch. There are no such weather conditions that are able to prevent you from enjoying your trip if you have Warn Thermometric winch with you. When you give preference to the winch of the mentioned model, you can be sure that you have chosen the durable product that is going to become the best helper ever.

What about disadvantages?

Basically, only dimensions are disadvantages of the winch. It’s bulky and heavy. It will be very difficult to install by yourself. Although the complect includes all that you need for basic installation the power interrupter solenoid (for turning on/off from the car) and snatch block are not included.

View of Warn 68801 16.5ti Thermometric Winch in Buckstop Classic bumper with PIAA 520 ATP Lights

warn front side
warn profile side


As you can see, Warn 16,5 ti winch is by right considered the most powerful and technologically advanced winch for pick-up trucks and heavy “off-road vehicles” today. 16.5ti provides the possibility of temperature diagnostics using the Warn technology as well as high degree of sealing, reliability, and durability. If you have a heavy pick-up truck, and often use it to transport goods along country roads, this type of winch is irreplaceable for you.
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