Warn Elite Series Front Bumper Review

Planning to hit the trail? If you have already got Warn Elite Series front bumper and a winch of the same brand, you are well-equipped for the off-road journey. In case you are still looking for the best deal, you should definitely consider Warn Elite series bumper purchase.

Can Elite Series Bumper Meet All Your Needs and Wants?

If you are dreaming about a bumper of a solid construction and an eye-catchy style, Elite Series will be the most suitable choice for your truck. High-performance in the best traditions of American Warn company is what you will enjoy if give preference to the bumper of this producer. Check out the main features of the front bumper to know for sure that it is what you are looking for.

  • Strong and stylish wrap-around design

  • Presence of the recessed ports and mounts

  • An optional CNC-formed grille tube for better protection

  • Presence of eyelets for D-shackles

  • A clean finish and protection from corrosion

  • Laser cut steel construction

  • These key features are more than enough to provide you with the safe and enjoyable off-road journey.

    Does Warn Front Bumper Elite Series Fit Your Car?

    If you are an owner of either Jeep Wrangler JK 2007-2017 or Jeep Wrangler Unlimited JK 2007-2017, then you are lucky as Elite Series Bumper fits your car.
    If you have always wanted to have a front bumper that is able to provide more safety for the front end, then look no further than the great Elite Series bumper with Tube Grille Guide.

    If the main priority for you is the functionality of the bumper, then you shouldn’t have doubts concerning Elite series for Jeep Wrangler as it is really well done.

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    Advantages and Disadvantages of Elite Series Front bumper from Warn Brand

    The bumper from the famous Warn manufacturer is able to impress its owner by its modern style and superior quality of performance. It is not just an accessory costing much. The Warn Elite Series bumper is worth its money as it is going to provide you with the safe off-road experience, which is so important for extreme lovers.

    Which pros will you get together with the Elite series bumper?

    Among the main pros one will immediately notice the following:

    • A possibility to choose among all mid-frame winches produced by Warn with the only note: the suitable pulling capacity is 12 pounds and under

    • An opportunity to have auxiliary lights

    • More stable jack positioning

    • Increased coating durability

    • The fastener is less prone to corrosion thanks to the inside hidden mounting fasteners

    According to those who have already mounted the bumper, it looks great and works as the producer claims.

    Are There Any Cons?

    The only thing that can be considered a small disadvantage for someone is the installation process, which is going to take from two to five hours.

    Moreover, drilling and cutting may be required. The installation difficulty may be rated as level 3. Some bumper owners complain about the poor installation instructions attached with the bumper. Two wiring extension kits would be of use during the installation process.
    One more concern is the fog lights assembly, which may be a pain for those who aren’t experienced in this. However, you should take into account that it will also depend on your skills of bumper installation. In any case, even those who think that the bumper is tough to install, agree that it is worth efforts as it looks awesome.

    Warn Elite Series Front Bumper FAQ

    Check out the answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning the use of Elite Series front bumper offered by Warn to make sure you will happy to get it.

    1. Which fog lights can fit the Elite bumper? Fog lights aren’t included and should be purchased separately. You may use either Warn fog lights or the stock lights that you have with your Jeep. The Warn fog lights will look brighter than others in a combination with the Elite series bumper. A front leveling kit may be required if you are going to get a winch as well.

    2. Do all winches produced by Warn fit this bumper? All Warn winch series is suitable for the front bumper of Elite series with the only exception-Warn M8274-50 winch.

    3. May a serious rust appear over time? The bumper is power coated and rust won’t be a problem even if you ride salt roads. Neither rust nor paint peeling is observed when you use this bumper.

    4. How heavy is the bumper? The steel construction is solid and weighs about 90 lbs. Shipping weight

    5. Is it a full-width bumper? Yes, full-width Elite bumpers protect fender flares and wheels from the collisions
    6. How durable is the Elite series front bumper? It has been designed for life off-road. According to the bumper owners, it is everlasting.

    7. Should anything else be bought together with the bumper or everything is included? Everything that is necessary for the installation of the bumper is going to be in the package, however, Smittybilt 13047B D-Ring is frequently bought with the bumper.

    8. Is it possible to install a winch if the front bumper has been already mounted? Yes, you can easily install a winch after you are done with the bumper. There is no need to remove your bumper.

    Is Warn Bumper from Elite Series Worth Getting?

    Making a conclusion, it should be noted that Warn front bumper of the Elite series line is of premium quality. Those who have designed it definitely knew how to create a solid versatile bumper with the first-class performance, which lasts for years. Elite Series bumper makes it possible to get a winch of any series, which is definitely an advantage as well as a possibility to use the factory fog lights without buying new ones. If you are fond of the off-road, then you will 100% benefit from the use of this strongest armor for your Jeep Wrangler.

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    1. I have got Warn elite series front bumper because before I got the same brand winch. I think that Warn brand offers the top-notch quality devices. It was easy to install the front bumper. The bumper has met all my needs. It is strong and stylish and has a protection from corrosion. Jeep Wrangler looks great with it! Get it for your Jeep and you won’t regret.

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