Warn Provantage 3500 Winch Review

WARN ProVantage 3500

It’s no secret that ATVs are specialized for driving on the most diverse off-road. And if before the ATVs were primarily performing utilitarian assignments, at the present moment this type of motor transport works mostly for entertainment. Whatever it is, the winch on the ATV is a must.

The new electric winch ProVantage 3500 ATV from the American company Warn makes it possible to overcome the most difficult obstacles in off-road travel. Moreover, it is the best in its class in price-quality ratio. The winch with a pulling capacity of up to 1,588 kg is classified as “Premium” and this makes it an excellent choice for large ATVs and similar mobile devices. It combines reliability and a solid safety reserve, which is indispensable for working with such machines.

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Features and Scheme

WARN ProVantage 3500 scheme

ProVantage Series winch has a completely dust-waterproof body. There is an economical motor on permanent magnets. The winch is equipped with two consoles: a button on the steering wheel and a wireless remote control. It has a disk brake, which is a unique development of the American company. A steel 15-meter cable (diameter 5 mm) and rollers are included. At maximum loads, the current consumption is not more than 220A, and the winding speed is from 1.8 m / min. Metal screeds are painted, and free unwinding is turned on by a lateral rotary switch.

  • A powerful and efficient permanent magnet motor
  • You can choose from a galvanized steel cable, or a light and easy-to-handle synthetic Spydura cable with maximum tensile strength
  • Double coated with hawks reduces cable wear and increases corrosion resistance
  • Anticorrosive powder coating
  • Strong and reliable three-stage planetary gear train
  • Short-course ergonomic clutch control disc
  • Patented brake disc for perfect control of the winch
  • Durable all-metal housing
  • Molded sidewall elements

The kit includes a winch with a steel cable, a hook with a belt, a winch site, a solenoid, roller guides, a remote control panel, a wire control panel, a control panel for the steering wheel with wires for connection, power cables, fasteners, and instructions.

Advantages of Warn ProVantage 3500

The powerful permanent engine will easily pull your quad from anywhere. Magnificent control at the time of the winch operation is provided by a patented disc brake. A steel fifteen- meter cable has a diameter of 5 millimeters and is equipped with a cable laying machine. In addition to the wired mini-switch, the ProVantage 3500 has a wireless remote control.

If you need an uncompromising winch for ATV or UTV, then ProVantage is your choice. The simplicity of application, the most powerful electric motor and all-metal case make this winch one of the favorites in the market.

You can buy a ProVantage 3500-S as well, which main difference from 3500 winch model is that it has a synthetic cable.

Are There Any Cons to Be Aware Of?

According to my offroad team-mates who have already had a chance to get a winch of this premium series, it works really great and nobody has complained about making such purchase. However, some of them admitted that the installation process took over three hours and some extra tools like metric sockets were required. It is not the first time I hear complain that the quality of instructions doesn’t meet expectations. However, all these cons are not significant and don’t influence the performance of the winch that works flawlessly.

Feedback from Dale and Boris [Offroad Team-mates]

Dale Feedback Provantage 3500
“Hello Roy, thank you for your email. You asked about Provantage, I can say that this winch with super features! I own it already 3 years, it has 3.500 lbs pulling capacity, which is more than enough for my Linhai-Yamaha. During this time I used it about 10 times, and there are no complaints, it works! A minor note, installing is easy enough but it would be better to do paired with your friend. In my case it was wife )) “

Boris Feedback Provantage 3500 “I have got Warn ProVantage 3500 as I am a real fan of Warn products. I have been familiar with the winches of this series before as my friend had it and recommended me get it and I am completely satisfied with the jobs it does successfully. It is easy to use it provided you are aware of all details, read instructions and know everything about the safety measures that should be taken while winching. At the moment I have a winch with the synthetic rope, which is lightweight. I like that there are good solid rollers here. Once I had a trouble when after smacking on a rock, my fairlead looked like a ball of crap. I had to weld the frame even. Finally, I made it solid by installing bushings inside the pipe pieces. Painted it black and it looks really great now. Ready to ride anywhere! Bye Roy P.S. Here are a few photos you asked.”

Provantage 3500 without cable
Provantage 3500 without cable

Is ProVantage 3500 Worth Your Money?

The answer is definitely “YES” but in any case, it is up to you to decide if this model is able to meet all your wants and needs providing the best off-road experience. Taking into account all positive feedbacks of ATV owners, it may be concluded that there are no claims referring to the bad winch performance as it always works properly. The only con of Warn winches may be considered its instructions. The price of products isn’t affordable for everyone but getting Warn winch one may be 100% sure that the product is worth its money. Moreover, you will have the lifetime warranty.

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