Warn Vantage 2000 Winch Review

Each of us, either the skilled motorist or not, at a choice of a winch plunges in abundance of kinds, trademarks, and models. The most recognizable brand in about 65 countries in the world is Warn. No unit of products enters the market without a preliminary check, all the products of this company pass obligatory tests at special equipment. Vantage series winches differ with their superior quality and affordable cost. Vantage 2000 Warn is a good option to consider if you own a small ATV. Find out more about the major features of this winch to make the well-informed choice before making a purchase.

Vantage 2000 Winch Specifications



Maximum pulling capacity

2000 lbs (907 kg)


Differential planetary gear

Cable guides



Steel, length 15 m and 4.0 mm


Handlebar- mounted mini rocker



Overall dimensions (L x W x H)

300 x 115 x 119 mm

Location of fastening bolts

76 x 124 mm


This winch is great for small ATVs and has the best-in-class reliability, durability, and power. With a pulling force of 907 kg, this winch offers excellent performance in a compact package. There are two winch models: with wire rope and synthetic rope, which is indicated as 2000-S model.

Does Vantage 2000 Look Like the Winch You Want to Get?

If quiet weekends at home is not your cup of tea and you prefer riding your ATV outside the city, then don’t pass by Warn Vantage 2000 winch. The synonym of all products made by this brand is quality and this model is a great proof of this association. Innovative technologies have been used to design this winch line and the American company has succeeded in creating a really good winch at an affordable price. Compared to the ProVantage series, which will cost you a pretty penny, Vantage is priced more reasonably. Sure, those products of this model line aren’t as powerful as the already mentioned ProVantage, however, the pulling capacity of 907 kg will be enough to make your off-road experience both safe and enjoyable.

Having manufactured Vantage series, Warn has provided this line with the new stylish design and great performance indicators. The winch stands out not only because it looks great but has a durable corrosion resistant finish. Both functional and good-looking winch is going to become your reliable helper to overcome any obstacles.

Feedback from my friend Elton driving Yamaha Grizzly 550

“I have recently got a Warn Vantage 2000 Winch for my 2009 Yamaha Grizzly 550. It took me longer to take a decision to get the one as I have never been alone during off-road trips. However, later I faced a need to get help and nobody could come to the rescue, after a couple of such situations I have chosen Warn winch and want share my experience and impressions. I bought 2000 as I am a casual trail rider. Don’t intend to ride much somewhere far from my home.

After I have found out that the American company has presented a new line of winches, I couldn’t resist getting the one. I should admit that the installation process didn’t take much time and was quite simple. No issues I have faced. Moreover, I have a local dealer not far from, which allows me to relax and feel free from worries if I need to fix something. What I like about Vantage is that they cost not as much as Provantage but look really similar externally. As for me, there was no need to overpay as Vantage 2000 is able to meet my needs and wants. The winch is powerful enough to pull trees and my ATV. I even helped my friends who stuck several times. If you are looking for the high-quality winch, which is both compact and reliable, then recommend getting the same as I own.”

A few words from my buddy, Mike

“It was a great day as I finally got a fine accessory for my ATV. Vantage 2000 is perfect for the Cycle Country snowplow. I expected the installation process to be tough but instead I enjoyed it. It was really as easy as ABC. The only thing that was a bit of an issue is that my friend dropped the nut from the connector found in the not convenient place in the mount. By the way, the rocker switch is mounted on the dash. I was looking for some durable top-notch quality winch and found the Vantage 2000 winch for my ATV. It was really helpful when I needed someone to pull me out of the mud. Think it is a good thing to spend your money on.”

Vantage 2000: Should You Give It a Try?

Taking into account that Vantage 2000 offered by the worldwide known producer of off-road accessories has got a lot of positive reviews from its users, it is possible to conclude that it is worth its money. The only criterion to consider while taking a decision whether it is a winch you are looking for is its pulling power. Make a choice, depending on the weather conditions and the terrain you are going to ride your ATV. In general, it is a good option to choose as it is durable and of top-notch quality as other Warn products.

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