Warn Winch Zeon Series Review


Nowadays Warn Company offers four series of winches, covering the entire range of needs of both off-road amateurs and professionals. The newest and most advanced winch series is Zeon. The main features of these winch series include the large diameter of the winch drum, which reduces cable wear; relatively lightweight; a convenient anchor for easy installation of the cable on the drum; an easily removable control unit that can be installed both on the winch itself and any other place.

warn zeon

Zeon winches are beyond competition thanks to the unique symmetrical design and maximum protection. The satin black powder-coated finish not only makes Zeon winch look stylish but also performs an important function providing corrosion resistance.

warn black finish

Add quiet and fast operation provided with a new design of a planetary gear train with sequential excitation of the engine and you will get the combination of power and innovation offered by Zeon series.

What is the difference between Zeon Platinum and Premium Series?

Any Warn winch is by right considered a masterpiece, however, there are leaders among them as well. These are Premium and Platinum Series. If you don’t know which one to choose, it will be helpful to consider the main features of winches offered in these series. First of all, let’s look at the characteristics of Premium winches:

  • Available in 8,000, 10,000 lb. and 12,000 lbs;
  • single line pulling capacity;
  • large diameter winch drum which reduces rope wear;
  • an integrated rope anchor making it easier to install a rope;
  • galvanized steel wire rope included;
  • convertible control pack can be either remotely mounted or attached to the winch;
  • satin-black powder-coated finish with stainless steel fasteners and clutch lever;
  • fast, quiet and reliable pulling power delivered by an updated planetary gear train and series-wound motor.

As you can see winches of Premium Series not only look stylish but provide you with the guarantee of effective performance. When you look at one of the models offered in the range of Premium, it is difficult to imagine that more advanced winches can exist, however, there are even more impressive winch series called Platinum, which has become a real breakthrough in the sphere of innovative products for off-road lovers. So let’s look what Warn Company offers by its Platinum Series:

  • the highest durability rating, which is twice better compared to earlier winch versions;
  • 20% faster speed with a no-load line speed of up to 44 feet per minute;
  • new high-speed motor;
  • an IP68 waterproof rating;
  • new Advanced Wireless Remote;
  • increased corrosion resistance exceeding the 400 hours of salt-spray testing;
  • large diameter aluminum drum reduces the overall weight of the winch;
  • an integrated rope anchor point for easy rope installation;
  • larger gears for increased strength and longevity;
  • internal and external seals keeping both water and dust out.

The Zeon Platinum Advanced Wireless Remote is considered the best one ever as compared to the previous versions it is really a new level of winch remotes. The total control is in your hands, thanks to the elimination of the manually operated clutch lever.

warn zeon remote controller

Besides, there is a possibility to get real-time feedback on the motor temperature of your winch. You can charge the wireless remote using USB cable, which is included or use a car charger.
As for the style of Platinum, its symmetrical design not only looks great but makes it possible to be mounted in a large number of applications.

Platinum Series: Zeon 10 93685 and Zeon 12 92830

Let’s look at the models offered in Platinum Series here.

Warn Winch model Rated Line Pull (lbs.) kg Car Models to Install Price
Zeon 10 Platinum
zeon10 platinum
10,000 lbs. (4536 kg) Toyota Land Cruiser Prado / Lincoln Aviator / Jeep Grand Cherokee / Jeep Commander / Hummer H3 / Ford Explorer / Chevrolet Trailblazer Find on Amazon >>
Zeon 12 Platinum
zeon12 platinum
12,000 lbs. (5443 kg) Nissan Patrol / Ford Excursion / Chevrolet Suburban / Mercedes-Benz GL / Infiniti QX56 Find on Amazon >>

zeon platinum 10

Let’s start from Zeon Platinum 10, which is for sure an advanced winch of high performance. The most interesting thing here is that an Advanced Wireless Remote controls the winch itself, the clutch and all accessories. 10,000 lb pulling capacity allows using this winch model for trucks, Jeeps, SUV’s being sure that your off-road adventure isn’t going to be spoiled with any weather conditions. The model has the highest rating in the truck lineup due to the fact that extreme waterproofing meets IP68 standards. Perfect control while winching is guaranteed by the automatic mechanical cone brake.
Among other important features, there are the following: large diameter alloy drum with steel sleeve; lightweight; integrated rope anchor making the rope installation much easier; strong gears; maximum corrosion resistance, aircraft-grade wire rope, and a roller fairlead.

warn zeon platinum 12

Zeon 12 Platinum is also worth your attention. Choosing this model you will get many features similar to the above-mentioned model with the difference that here you can enjoy 12,000 lb pulling capacity and Spydura Pro synthetic rope considered to be very strong. The Advanced Wireless Remote provides you with the total control of your winching experience.

Premium Series: Premium Warn 88 980 Zeon 8, Warn 88990 Zeon 10, Warn 89120 Zeon 12

Warn Winch model Rated Line Pull (lbs.) kg Car Models to Install Price
Zeon 10 Premium
zeon10 premium
8000 lbs. (3630 kg) Toyota Land Cruiser Prado / Chevrolet Blazer / Lincoln Aviator / Jeep Grand Cherokee / Jeep Commander / Hummer H3 / Ford Explorer / Chevrolet Trailblazer Find on Amazon >>
Zeon 12 Premium
zeon12 premium
12,000 lbs. (5443 kg) Cadillac Escalade / Mitsubishi Pajero / Range Rover Sport / Land Rover Discovery / Hummer H1 / Hummer H2 / Ford Expedition / Chevrolet Suburban / Mercedes-Benz G-class Find on Amazon >>

warn zeon premium 8

Looking for the ideal winch for Jeep and SUV trail rigs? Then Premium Warn Zeon 8 is a good option to consider. 8,000 pulling capacity, steel wire rope, and a fast line speed is really an impressive combination.

warn zeon premium 10

Want to feel the king of the terrain? Then Zeon 10 with wire rope is here for you. 10,000 lb pulling capacity together with the hyper-durable cast-aluminum housing makes it a perfect winch you can rely on in any weather conditions.

warn zeon premium 12

The last but not the least is Zeon 12 winch with a wire rope and roller fairlead able to provide you with 12,000 lb pulling capacity and modern design. This model is the best choice even if you have a heavily-loaded vehicle planning an off-road adventure.
Don’t be confused if see prefix S in the name of the winch model, for example, Zeon 8-S means that the model differs from Zeon 8 with the synthetic rope and aluminum hawse fairlead.

Multi-Mount Series: Warn 90340/90360 Zeon 10 Multi-Mount, Warn 90260 Zeon 8 Multi-Mount

Warn Winch model Rated Line Pull (lbs.) kg Car Models to Install Price
Zeon 8 Multi-Mount
zeon 8 Multi-Mount
8000 lbs. (3629 kg) Toyota RAV4 / Suzuki Grand Vitara / Peugeot 4007 / Skoda Yeti / Renault Sandero Find on Amazon >>
Zeon 10 Multi-Mount
zeon 10 Multi-Mount
10,000 lbs. (4536 kg) Cadillac Escalade / Infiniti QX / Hyundai Terracan / Jeep Commander / Range Rover Find on Amazon >>

Multi-Mount winches have been designed with the aim to provide maximum flexibility thanks to the possibility to have a winch either on the front or on the rear of your vehicle. This can be realized with the help of the receiver added to the front and the Quick Connect wiring to the rear. It is not difficult to mount a portable winch using a receiver. The best solution is to get a Portable Winch Kit where you will find a complete package required for front of the vehicle.
There are two multi-mount winch models to look at:
warn zeon Multi Mount 10

Warn Zeon 10 Multi-Mount: The pulling capacity is 10,000 lb or 4536 kg.

warn zeon Multi Mount 8

Warn Zeon 8 Multi-Mount: The pulling capacity of this model is 8,000 lb or 3629 kg.

Common features of both models are the following: 3-stage planetary gear train, automatic direct drive cone brake, hawse fairlead, wire rope, black powder coat finish.
Both models are suitable for use on trucks, SUVs, SUVs, as well as on any other vehicles. The Zeon 10 Multi-Mount, as well as Zeon 8 Multi-Mount, have been designed for those who are looking for winch options without installation.

warn zeon Multi-Mount 10-s 8-s

There are also S models, which differ with the synthetic rope and the hawse fairlead.

Off-road experience of using Warn Zeon Winch

Let’s move from technical characteristics to the real-life experience of Zeon winch use. The model tested is Zeon 10S Platinum. It is considered one of the most innovative winches able to satisfy even a choosy customer. Has it performed as well as the Warn Company promises? After using the winch on the front of Jeep during for a certain period of time, it has proved that Zeon winch series is reliable and durable. With no special covering, it remained the same as when it was when used for the first time. However, there is nothing surprising as all winches produced by the American Warn Company are well-known around the world thanks to their reliability. Warn Zeon winch didn’t let down in bad weather conditions and looked pretty good. However, looks are not the only benefit to enjoy as the performance is also great. Warn Company made the winching experience really pleasant thanks to the wireless controller, which helps to control the winch easily without the need to change a clutch. Among the useful features: the ability to know the winch motor temperature and the charge of your battery.
Verdict: Zeon winches are worth their price as they are always there when you need them most. There is no sense in saving money on unknown winch producer as it may let you down when you find yourself in a trouble.


Warn Zeon Winches offers a lot of benefits among which a new symmetric design is only the first one to pay your attention to. The new design of transmission and new motors provide quiet and fast performance. Warn Zeon winch models are by right known as the powerful and reliable winches able to sustain any load. Read Zeon 10-S review.

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  1. I am a real fan of Zeon Warn winches as they are the best on the market now. To my mind, they have a great design and perform their function on the top-level. The winch is resistant to corrosion, which I find one of the most important features for a winch especially if to use it in bad weather conditions. I can recommend buying any of Zeon winches. Believe, you will be satisfied.

  2. I have multi-mount-winch and it satisfies my wants and needs to the full extent. To my mind, the models of multi-mount series are the best as they don’t cause any installation problems and are really powerful. It is easy to enjoy an off-road trip together with the multi-mount winch.

  3. Thanks for the comparative analysis of Warn series. To my mind, Platinum series differ but Premium series is also good. I have heard that winches of these series have not so many differences and you can choose accoding to the price preferences. Premium is more than enough for me.

  4. First, I thought that the winches of WARN Premium and Platinum are the same but it is not so, I have understood this when used mine for the first time. I have Premium and my friend has the one from Platinum series. We often travel together and I tested both winches. The Platinum looks much more innovative compared to mine, from Premium series. It is faster and easier to use with the wireless control.

  5. I think that Platinum winches are too expensive. That’s why I prefer Premium wnch and consider them not worse because they can meet my requirements. I have Zeon 10 Premium and it is powerful enough for my Ford Explorer. If you have Ford, believe, Zeon 10 or 12 will be enough for you.

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