WARN Zeon 10 Multi-Mount Winch

ZEON 10 Multi Mount

Giving preference to Zeon 10 Multi-Mount portable winch suitable for use on trucks, SUVs, and other vehicles you get the full package, which includes the winch itself, remote, multi-mount carrier, wire rope, power lead and hawse fairlead. Sounds great, doesn’t it? This model is for those who are looking for winch options without installation. In this case, Multi-Mount kit is the ideal solution as it can be installed on any car equipped with a square towbar attachment or with adapters. It can be installed both forward and backward.

WARN Zeon 10 Multi-Mount Winch Specifications

Pulling capacity 10 000 pounds (4536 kg)
Motor 12V DC, Series Wound
Control Remote switch, 12′(3.7 m) lead
Gear Train 3-Stage Planetary
Gear Ratio 216:1
Clutch Rotating Ring Gear
Brake Automatic Direct Drive Cone
Diameter of the drum / Length 3.15″ / 9.3″ (8.0 cm / 23.6 cm)
Weight of delivery set 118 pounds (53.5 kg)
Cable Wire rope, 3/8 “x 80 ‘(9.5 mm x 24.4 m)
Fairlead Hawse
Recommended battery 650CCA (it is minimum for winching)
Working cycle Intermittent
Battery leads 2 GA, 90″(2.2 m)
Coating Black powder coat
Overall dimensions 616 mm x 182 mm x 268 mm / 616 mm x 182 mm x 200 mm
Weight in kg 53
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ZEON 10 Multi Mount scheme

Why is Warn Zeon 10 Considered One of the Most Advanced?

Everyone knows that the American brand Warn is known all over the world for its top-class quality products and this refers not only to winches but to all off-road accessories. Zeon Multi-Mount kit is worth special attention due to the following benefits it can provide its owners with:

Great performance

You will never complain if prefer Warn Zeon Series as winches of this model line are really of high-quality promising long durability.

WARN Zeon 10-S Multi-Mount Winch

WARN Zeon 10-S Multi Mount

Fast and powerful

Multi-Mount winch is often called a beast in a good sense of this word as it is powerful and operates quickly. According to those SUV owners who have already stuck and used this winch kit, it exceeded expectations being able to pull anything within the short period of time.

User-friendly installation process

WARN Zeon 10 Multi Mount installation

You won’t face any problems installing this winch model as everything is included in the package. An instruction is clear and concise. In any case, if it is the first time you are going to install a winch, Warn company has taken care of this by making useful videos showing how to do this in the proper way.


Getting Zeon 10 multi-mount you are provided with the great chance to choose where to install it: either on the front or on the rear of your vehicle. Maximum flexibility is guaranteed.

Feedback from my friend Ronald

Ronald Herzberg review
Yesterday I call my friend Ron and asked to say a few words about Warn and their well known multi-mount Zeon 10 winch. Here is what he said: “What I like about Warn is that they design products, which are really innovative. Their designers work at every smallest detail. I have had Zeon 8 before but decided that I need the more powerful winch and my attention was caught by the Zeon 10 multi-mount kit, which has everything you need inside. I had no issues with the installation as I am an experienced winch user and instructions were quite clear to me. I would like to recommend it to those who need a winch kit where there is everything required for the effective work. Can’t wait to try how this beast works, think I will have such a chance soon”.

What do Zeon 10 Owners Say About Its Performance?

Warn is one of the favorite brands of all off-road enthusiasts and it is not surprising as the quality of their production is worth its price value. Zeon 10 Multi-Mount is much spoken about as it really stands out in the market thanks to the features that have been already mentioned above.
There were no such situations when this good-looking winch model was helpless. If you want to become the king of the terrain, then this winch choice is exactly what you need. Inside the package, you will be able to find everything you could ever dream about. There is not as flexible and versatile mount kit as this one offered by Warn.
Want to have it on the front of your SUV? It is easy as ABC! Like it on the rear of your car more? No problem! The only thing you will need to do is to add the receiver to the front of your SUV or truck and the quick connect wiring to the vehicle’s rear. By the way, 7.5 of wiring is also included in the winch mount kit of Zeon Series. Those who have given it a try, never regretted as the device looked like a stylish touch to the Jeep and did its work perfectly.

Zeon 10 Multi-Mount on Amazon

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  1. I have got this winch due to the fact that it is really very convenient to install it. I have had a chance to check how it works in practice and I can say that it impressed me. I have heard than Zeon series stand out on the market of winches produced by WARN but the multi-mount-winch is the one that is really worth attention. It is the most powerful winch I have ever seen. What else I like about it is that it is durable and is made of the high-quality parts

  2. I would like to claim that the mount winch is really very convenient to use. This winch is for people like me who don’t have time to install a winch. I find its design impressive as well. After I have looked through the pics of the model, I have decided to buy it the same day.

  3. Thanks for sharing the useful Zeon 10 winch review. I have had doubts whether it is worth its money or not but after reading your review I can see that it is really worth it. Thanks for your help in making the right winch choice.

  4. Last weekend I had a chance to try how the winch works. Perhaps, this will sound strange but I was even glad to stuck because I wanted to check how the winch would help me get out. And you know, it hasn’t disappointed me! It is easy to use it and the whole winching process was smooth.

  5. I have heard that this model is really durable. I think that I need to consider buying it. I have had Warn winch of Zeon series for over 8 years and now changed the car and need to get the heavier one. It seems to me that this model will suit me best now. Thanks for sharing useful informative review that helped me to make the choice.

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