All Possible Ways How to Install SUV Winch

“How to install a winch? “- the first question that the buyer has after the winch acquisition. Winch installation is a responsible business. From how well the winch is assembled, its safe and efficient use will depend. In order to pull out the jammed vehicle, the tow rope must be fixed on a sturdy power line table, wood or other strong support. At the time of the first turn of the winch, a high pulling force is created, which can not only pull the car out of the ambush, but also pull the winch itself, if it is poorly fixed.

That is why the question “how to install a winch” is becoming more and more important among car owners. In today’s article, we will try to describe in as much detail as possible how to install the winch, their varieties and tricks, which are used by masters in car repair shops. But first things first. The types of installation are as many as the types of winches and even more. Let’s try to understand this issue, and outline the main correct solutions to this problem. So, let’s get started!

A Full Guide on How to Install a Winch on SUV

The first step is to decide which installation option you prefer: open or closed. This will determine the location of the winch relative to the car body. Each of the ways of installation has its own peculiarities, advantages and disadvantages.

Open winch installation

open winch installation
In the open version, the winch is mounted on the outside of the bumper as if projecting forward. From a technological point of view, this is an easier method, because it does not require the removal of the bumper and additional work. This installation of the winch makes the appearance of the SUV more aggressive and sporty. It’s like saying “I’m ready to cope with the most difficult obstacles on the road, I do not fear any ravines.”

With an open installation, as a rule, the installation of the winch takes place at the nominal place in the bumper. Some car owners weld the mounting platform onto the bumper, and already there they mount the winch, while others mount the winch to the kangaroo (protective grille). After fixing the winch, the control unit is connected to the accumulator and to the winch.

The correct wiring diagram is attached to each winch, and may vary slightly depending on the model. You should never neglect such formalities, it will save a lot of time and connect the winch correctly the first time. And here the owner of the winch is waiting for the first dilemma: where to install the control unit? Top of the winch or move it under the hood? Jeepers and fans of hard off-road prefer to take the block under the hood, because then the risk of pouring it during the “diving” into deep puddles or marshy fords is reduced. Under the hood, the control unit is in a more secure place and will last much longer. The control wire is then displayed in the interior.

The next variant of the block placement is on top of the winch. This method is used by car owners with a calm ride style, when there is no risk of flooding the control unit during the oncoming wave while driving swampy terrain and deep puddles. The control panel of the winch is not displayed at the salon. Modern models of winches are often equipped with a wireless remote control, so the comfort of control in both cases will be at an altitude.
Which of the two options is more convenient? It is up to you to decide. Each way has its own characteristics, which need to be compared with the design features of the car and the style of riding.

Hidden winch installation – maximum aesthetics

Hidden Winch Installation
With this installation – the winch is not visible behind the bumper. The presence of additional equipment can give, perhaps, a crutch or rollers with a hanging hook. The winch is attached to a regular bumper. The mounting platform on which the winch is mounted is either welded or screwed to the frame. The platform must be adjusted to fit the bumper without problems.

You need to be careful: the design of many cars does not allow you to fix the mounting pad, and then the winch – there will be no space to tighten the winch’s bolts. In this case, first the winch is mounted on the installation platform, and then the platform with the winch is installed on the car. When the winch is securely fixed with metal corners, the bumper can be screwed back.

After installing the bumper the moment comes when a circular saw enters the game. With its help, it is necessary to make holes for the pincher or roller guides. An experienced carmaker can make a window for the key under the license plate. So the most picky auto inspector will not see the built-in mechanism. If it is necessary to use the winch, the license plate is easily unscrewed and put in place. The winch closed by the bumper is in a more secure place, it is less susceptible to impacts and pollution.

Distinctive Installation Features Depending on the Winch Type

Hand winches

Nothing too difficult, securely screw the platform, fix the unit, and work. But do not overdo it, because it is not intended to be used for large loads.

Electric winches

This type is powered by electric car. They are divided into three categories: 12 and 24, 220 V. The installation of the electric winch is also made in standard places with the help of special fasteners and accessories that are supplied complete with an electric winch, and a wired console with control buttons , as a necessary attribute of the winch, be displayed on the steering wheel for ease of use.

For an Off-Road vehicle, the installation is provided in the following variants

  • 1.The staff place on the reinforced bumper is used by experienced off-road conquerors. The winch is installed in a special place on the reinforced bumper. Simple and tasteful. The control unit is mostly carried by many under the hood for greater safety.
  • 2.Hidden installation is the most popular method of installation. The winch is installed under the standard bumper. Before the SUV frame, a reliable installation platform is welded, and the winch is already attached to it. In the bumper itself, only a hole for a crutch or rollers is cut (depending on the cable). Elegance and ease of external aesthetics.


Regardless of which type of installation you choose, both the winch and the reinforced bumper are adding weight to the suspension. Therefore, in order not to ruin an iron horse, it is better to think about an enhanced suspension beforehand, after consulting a specialist!

Portable type winch

It is used by people who rarely use a winch on the car, but are prudent enough before a trip off-road or simply use a winch to move other loads. It is both practical and functional. But if you are planning frequent off-road trips, this method is not advisable to choose, as with each jam, you need to get out and pinch the winch to the car and it is possible that you will not get stuck exactly where you want to hook the winch. Advantages of portable winches: minimal intervention in the construction of the car; lightweight and dimensions allow transporting the winch in the trunk; suitable for occasional use. You can take with you only in the expedition or forays into nature, and in the rest of the time, you should keep it separately.

Mechanical winch

Only those SUVs are equipped with mechanical winches, in which there is a possibility of connection to the power take-off box. By its design, it can be attached only under the bottom, next to the gearbox. The option is fairly simple and practical (except when the car is stuck in a pit or swamp, and the winch is broken).

Choose the most suitable type of installation taking into account the peculiarities of the model of your vehicle and your personal wants and needs. Hope that this guide will be helpful when you need to install a winch!

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  1. Thanks for the useful information. I would like to share a couple of tips from myself. If you decide to put the winch yourself – wind the winch wiring into special protective trunks or covers. And fix the wires yourself. This will prevent contacts from rubbing and premature failure. Finally, I want to advise not to save on the device, but to choose the proven manufacturers, -the products of which have been certified.

  2. I have a portable winch. It is suitable for me as I am a car owner who plans to use the winch on an irregular basis. It implies the temporary installation of a portable winch when the obstacle is overcome. You transport the winch in the trunk, and if necessary, you get and install it on a towbar or in an American type towbar. The disadvantages of the methods include the limitation of the installation zone: if you “sit down” with the rear bumper and it will be under water or in marshy mud – you won’t be able to install a portable winch on the towbar anymore.

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