Best Winch Straps of 2020 – Complete Review

Are you confused about which winch strap you should buy for your vehicle? Don’t be!

We have some of the strongest and toughest winch straps described below. 

Here you will surely find one that will fit your requirements. Have a quick look at their features and specifications!

Comparison Chart of the Best Winch Straps


TGL 3 inch Winch Strap

  • Has a capacity of 30,000 pounds
  • Loops which are reinforced on it protect the strap from abrasion
  • Best overall due to its 8’ long, 3” wide heavy duty strap, tow strap, and tree saver
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GearAmerica Tree Saver Winch Strap

  • Can tow for long distances with its strap length of 6.1 m
  • Runner–up because of its holding capacity 2.75 pounds of weight
  • Comes with protective sleeves, loop tie, and a hook which keeps the strap rolled
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Goldenrod Dutton-Lainson 6249 20-ft Winch Strap

  • Has 2” x 20 ft safety hook
  • Goldenrod Dutton can winch up to 2600 pounds of capacity
  • Comes with a mounting bolt and locknut and is the best for the money
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Shippers Supplies 4” x 30’ Winch Strap

  • Strong flat hooks of steel
  • Has a working load capacity of 5400 pounds
  • Best 4-inch winch strap as it has a flat hook for the flatbed trailer and strong breaking strength
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Mytee Products Kinedyne Winch Straps

  • Includes a 4-inch webbing along with a flat hook
  • Limit for its workload is 5400 lbs; it can bear a weight of 5.2 lbs
  • Made from heavy-duty webbing and are the best Kinedyne winch straps
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What Are Winch Straps Used For?

Winch straps are made of polyester. They are tie-down straps used to secure loads present on a flatbed truck. It meets the dot requirements. Winch straps can be used in heavy-duty vehicles. Other than this, winch straps have the potential to be used for:


A winch strap is a woven rope along with a hook that can be connected to large vehicles like cars, trucks, boats, automobiles, and trailers for towing. It saves time and energy, which would have wasted if towing was done by hand.

Move Large Objects

The trailer's winch straps are also used to move huge objects from one place to another. It is used in some industries for transportation and storing purposes. They are also useful in packing boxes or materials. Different weights of straps are used for different purposes. Winch straps have great commercial use as they are widely used in flatbed trucking industries.


Winch straps, when connected with cranes, can also be used for forestation purposes. It can be a helpful tool in removing the damaged or destroyed big trees from the forests. Winch straps are a good option for recovering trees too.

Quick Take - Best Winch Straps

Skip the review - here are the best winch straps:

  1. TGL 3-inch Winch Strap
  2. GearAmerica Tree Saver Winch Strap
  3. Goldenrod Dutton-Lainson 6249 20-ft Winch Strap

Review of the Best Winch Straps

Before buying any winch strap, you must go through its details to see if it fulfills your requirements or not. If you are buying it for commercial purposes, then you must have a look at its specifications and features. Let’s see some of the best ones:

TGL 3 inch, 8 Foot Tree Saver, Winch Strap, Tow Strap 30,000 Pound Capacity


  • Perfect to use while recovering trees from destruction
  • Contains a bar in the middle of the strap, which is used as an indicator
  • Made from polyester material which gives maximum strength for commercial uses
  • Contains reinforced loops that protect the strap from scratches; increases its lifetime
  • Strap is tough and durable, which means it can easily pull large weights like trucks, cranes, etc.


  • Very stiff and not so easy to use
  • Ends start to damage after a couple of usages
  • Not cost-effective, and can be an expensive investment

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers have commented on the strength of the strap, as it can bear heavy objects easily. However, some have mentioned that this strap starts wearing out on the ends after a couple of uses. Customers have mostly used it in pulling their cars, and according to them, it is durable and tough.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The TGL 3-inch Winch Strap stands out to us due to its durability and toughness. It is a very powerful strap that can pull heavy objects like trucks, cars, and trees easily. We love it as it has reinforced loops, which helps protect the strap from abrasion and cuts. Moreover, it has increased life due to its structure.

Who Will Use This Most

Since this strap is really strong and durable, it can be used in factories and workshops. The TGL 3-inch Winch Strap can tow and tug large vehicles and trees. It can also be used on roads when a car gets struck. Thus, it is very helpful and powerful and can pull huge objects quickly.

Bottom Line

Summarizing the winch strap, the above-mentioned details clearly show that this product is useful for commercial purposes where pulling or pushing large objects becomes necessary. The material used to develop these make it tougher and stronger, thus, it proves it is the best among others.

GearAmerica Tree Saver Winch Strap 3' x8' | Heavy Duty 35,000 lbs (17.5 Tons) Strength | Off-Road Towing and Recovery Rope for Jeep or Truck | Reinforced Loops + Adjustable Sleeves + Free Storage Bag


  • Can tow heavyweight items easily
  • Has a lifetime guarantee for ease of mind
  • Lab-tested, so less chances for any mishap
  • Can withstand any temperature and is UV-resistant
  • Comes with a large drawstring bag, which can help you to store all of your towing supplies in one place


  • Wears out easily
  • Despite what many believe, it is made in China
  • To use it you must carry things like lubricants, spare parts, and bags, which is a hectic task

What Recent Buyers Report

Customers who bought it recently have highly recommended this strap. They have described it as one of the best ones so far for towing a damaged tree. This winch strap provides a lifetime guarantee, and in return, they give 10% of their profit to children who are fighting cancer. This deed is really appreciated by the public.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The GearAmerica Tree Saver Winch Strap stands out to us because it comes with a bag that is very useful for saving your towing supplies from getting lost. Moreover, it is tested in the laboratory for up to 35,000 pounds, which ensures that it can tow heavy vehicles and trees with ease. Hence, its exceptional features make it desirable.

Who Will Use This Most

Gear America Tree Saver Winch Strap can be used by people who are responsible for looking after huge trees in forests or parks. They can use it to remove the destroyed or unwanted trees with no difficulties. Even in places where large vehicles are made, this strap can be used for moving them from one place to another.

Bottom Line

The GearAmerica Tree Saver Winch Strap not only provides tree preservation but also ensures safety as well. It can be used in various ways for multiple purposes. Moreover, it contains a reinforced loop that prevents it from abrasions and scratches. It is a highly demanded product.

Goldenrod Dutton-Lainson 6249 20-ft Winch Strap with Hook 4000 lb


  • Can pull off marine jacks easily
  • You can easily install the strap in the trailer
  • Has a good breaking strength of 4000 pounds
  • Not very expensive, making it affordable for many
  • Since it is slightly longer, it is suitable for applications where extra length is needed


  • Quality of this strap is poor
  • Bolt bends at just 1500 pounds
  • Not good for places that can cause rusting; the hook is made up of stainless steel

What Recent Buyers Report

According to some reviews, this winch strap is perfect for pulling a boat. However, some purchasers have complained about its quality. They describe the strap quality as poor because many times, it has left the boat in the middle. Despite that, this strap has gained a lot of popularity with high ratings and many positive user reviews.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This winch strap is on our list as it is a useful tool for those who are looking for marine-related products. It is good for objects where extra length is required. We like it because it has a strong breaking point and holding strength. The most attractive aspect is the multiple features at a low price.

Who Will Use This Most

It can be used by people, especially those who work in the Navy. However, people who like to go boating can also use it for their safety. Goldenrod Dutton's Winch Strap is useful for pulling objects which require some extra length. Due to its high breaking strength, it can pull large boats as well.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, the Goldenrod Dutton Winch Strap is a cheap and inexpensive option for marine activities. Although this winch can rust, that can be overlooked, considering its low price point. So people who are looking for a cheap and durable method for pulling their boats can quickly get this strap.

Shippers Supplies 4” x 30’ Winch Strap with Flat Hook — 10 Pack


  • Quality of this winch strap is perfect
  • Great for flatbed trucking
  • Has a web-breaking strength of 24,000 pounds
  • Meets the dot regulation due to which you can continue moving
  • Contains strong steel hooks with hook-breaking strength of 16,200 lbs


  • They do not last for a long period
  • Does not have abrasion resistance

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent customers who have bought this strap explain how Shippers Supplies Winch Strap is better than others just because of its price and features. It has really helped people in their flatbed trucking business. They are really happy with its hook breaking strength and durability. Satisfied customers highly recommend it.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This winch strap stands out to us due to its extraordinary features and specifications. It is one of the best four-inch straps because of its web and hooks breaking strength. We also love it as it is highly affordable. Also, since it is very tough, it is good for heavy-duty vehicles.

Who Will Use This Most

Shippers Supplies 4” x 30’ Winch Strap can be used by people who work in the industry of flatbed trucks. It can be used to move heavy-duty vehicles like trucks, ships, and cars. In addition, laborers can use this to ease their work for pulling off nearly anything.

Bottom Line

These straps can be used for various purposes. It has a great variety because of the availability of many colors. They are known for their toughness and strength, it automatically attracts the customers towards its specifications. Since customers have given a positive response to it, do not forget to consider it while buying winch straps.

Best Kinedyne Winch Straps:
 Mytee Products Kinedyne Winch Straps

Mytee Products Kinedyne Winch Straps 4' x 30' Red Heavy Duty Tie Down with Flat Hooks WLL# 5400 lbs | 4 Inch Cargo Control for Flatbed Truck Utility Trailer (10 Pack)


  • Lasts long if corner protectors are used correctly
  • Worth buying because of their quality and great strength
  • Straps offer minimum stretch and maximum weather resistance
  • Maximum strength provides the durability required for flatbed working
  • All straps have their working load limit attached to meet DOT regulations; it can help a customer find the required strap


  • Workload limit of 5,400 lbs might not be suitable for all

What Recent Buyers Report

Satisfied customers appreciate Mytee products. According to them, buying Mytee Products Kinedyne Winch Straps is not at all a waste of money. For them, the most remarkable feature is that it is made from heavy-duty materials and provides extreme wear resistance. Overall, they are really satisfied with its ability to pull greater weights.

Why it Stands Out to Us

With so many winch straps available in the market, it is so difficult to choose one as the best. But Mytee Products Kinedyne Winch Straps prove to be one of those products. We like it because it is robust and tough. Its amazing features attract customers, and it is one of the best ones you can invest in.

Who Will Use This Most

It can be the most useful product for those who want to reduce the burden on their labor and want to transport huge objects to different areas safely. They can help them to a great extent in their industries and factories. By using these, more work can be done in less time. People who want a tool to assist them in packing their products or for transferring goods can go for it.

Bottom Line

These winch straps won’t disappoint you! They are perfect for flatbed trucks and cargo purposes. They can help you with towing and pulling large objects easily. Their workload capacity is more than enough for small movement purposes. In our opinion, due to the remarkable features and price, these are some great straps available in the market.

Cautious Considerations to Keep in Mind

The aspects you should consider before buying any winch strap are listed below. Keeping these in mind will ensure you end up with the right product. 

Web and Hook Breaking Strength

If you are going to purchase a winch strap, you must be aware of its breaking strength. This is the maximum capacity of weight a strap can handle or hold. If the object weighs more than the prescribed weight, it will cause the hook or strap to break. This might break your product too! You should opt for the strap whose capacity is 1.5 times the object you are going to tow. So, you need to be cautious before buying any one.

Value of Money

One of the most important aspects to be considered before buying any winch strap is its price and discount. You should make sure that its features and specifications are worth every single penny you are spending. Go for a winch strap that costs less and provides you with excellent features at the same time.


Another important thing is to look for the warranty period. Go for a winch strap that offers you a 100% guarantee and a longer warranty period, so that if any damage or defect occurs, it can be rectified immediately.


The above-mentioned winch straps have spectacular features. Almost all of them are long-lasting, tough, and worth purchasing. The customer reviews of these straps can clearly tell you about their quality and durability. We are sure you will soon be among the most satisfied customer list after buying one of the winch straps listed above.

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