X-bull 12v 13000lbs Electric Winch Review: Is It Your Best Choice?

2008 is a prominent year for all off-road lovers. Do you have any ideas why? X-Bull electric winch was created by two talented and men whose great passion was exploring new terrains. Thanks to their enormous love to 4x4, everyone can enjoy the outstanding benefits of X-Bull 12 V 13000lbs electric winch. Are you intrigued and want to learn more about the pros you'll get if using the winch with the bull power? Then, you are welcome to hold on reading this true review!

Main Features of X-Bull Winch

Let's have a look at the specifications of one of the most popular winches for extreme driving. First of all, pay attention to its pulling power, which is 13000lbs – no doubts that it will help you to get out of any trouble. Either you get stuck in some mud or a swamp, - not a problem for X-Bull! The winch itself weighs 60 pounds.

Great news is that there is no need to use batteries. The 3-stage planetary gear system will guarantee the stable performance with the superpower. There is also an alloy hawse fairlead, spooling clutch for wire rope payout, duty sealed contractor, and one of the main characteristics is the presence of the power in and out motor.

The winch will serve you for long and will look like new for years thanks to its great resistance to corrosion. There is no such weather that can prevent you from using it as the producers have made it waterproof. The winch model has the automatic load-holding breaker intended to provide you with the safe use of the device.

X-Bull has a DYNEEMA Synthetic cable, which has a lot of advantages, which we will discuss a bit later. As for the rest of the specifications, in the box with the winch, you will find a control box, two wireless remote controllers as well as one hand remote controller.

What Pros Does X-Bull Electric Winch Have?

The key advantage of this winch model is in its super big power and the high-quality rope. Pay a special attention to the features of the rope. The rope has a lighter weight in comparison with the cable made of steel. As a result, there is a winch, which weighs 20 pounds less than the one that would have the cable rope. Meanwhile, the durability and strength of such a rope is even better than of the steel cable. Not twice or three times! If to compare a rope of steel and Dyneema rope, the last one will definitely win being 10 times better! Sounds impressive, doesn't it?

It is very resistant and can be used in any weather conditions, which will be a good benefit for those off-road lovers who don't like stay at home even when it is pouring cats and dogs. The cable has an additional protection being resistant to ultraviolet and chemicals. You won't find the more durable cable than this one.

One more advantage of the winch is its price. It is quite affordable, especially taking into account all great specifications it has. Believe, it is worth money for the winch of such quality. There will be a day when it will help you to get out of trouble! Also, Dyneema rope is safer than steel when the rope breaks

Is X-Bull the Winch You Should Get for Your Jeep?

Do you have a Jeep or Dodge Ram but haven't found the winch that will suit your car best? You are recommended to consider choosing X-Bull. First of all, you will be able to rely on its power everywhere and every time. You will never regret if buying it because it is durable and of the superior quality.

The model has a stylish design and will look great on your SUV. It will help you to enjoy your traveling, regardless of rainy or snowy weather. Nothing will prevent you from getting full satisfaction from the off-road adventures. Entrust your life to the winch, which is extremely powerful! BTW, we suggest to do winch for 30 seconds with a 10-15 seconds rest period in between, this will keep your motor running longer.

X-Bull 12v 13000lbs Specification

  • Waterproof IP67 rating
  • Overload protector and a winch cover
  • Heavy Duty Sealed Contactor
  • 26metres DYNEEMA SYNTHETIC cable
  • Power in and power out for positive load control
  • Three-stage Planetary Gear System
  • Heavy Duty Sealed Contactor
  • Part Number EB0010/EE806(1)
  • Item Weight: 63.2 pounds(28.6 kg)
  • Batteries: 2 12V batteries required.
  • Super Big Power: 4.6KW
  • Braker for Maximum Safely
  • Automatic Load-Holding

4 thoughts on “X-bull 12v 13000lbs Electric Winch Review: Is It Your Best Choice?”

  1. I have got X-Bull 13 000 lbs and I can say that despite the fact that I am not an experienced off-road driver, I understood instructions on how to install it easily. I haven’t spent much time on learning how it works. I like that there are two wireless remote controllers because I often lose things and having a bonus controller is a great benefit for me. I also want admit that all parts are of the top quality and worth its money.

  2. And I have used the winch for several times already for different purposes and would like to say that it is really great! I like its synthetic rope and all other features work exactly as the producer claims. I can recommend the winch model to everyone who needs a reliable support for any kind of activities with the use of your Jeep.

  3. Bought the XBull 13000 and used it 2 time and it quit working. It’s impossible to get any support from X-Bull, I send an email and asked for any support, they never even answered. I would not recommend this piece of s…, it’s not worth the money for sure.

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